Beware of fake new Microsoft Security Essentials rogue software


  1. That’s great to know about. Ummmm too bad you didn’t list the name of the exe or post any links on how to get rid of it. ESPECIALLY because the rogue software considers cmd.exe and task manager both as trojans along with firefox making it hard to find and or manually get rid of.

    for anybody coming to this site looking for a way to fight back instead of just a paragraph describing what they can see on their infected computer, read this link

    Thanks to Corrine of:

    An even bigger thanks to Lawrence Abrams for the solution he provided. On

  2. Christian: Didn’t you see the Read More/Source link at the need of the article?

    If one needs to know more about this, one is expected to click on the link and visit the Bleeping Computer link, which incidentally is the same link you have mentioned. 😉

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