Best way to learn a language online fast free

Learning a new language has forever been one of the most constructive hobbies and now, often a necessity. You can learn just about any language free of cost with some of the best language apps. Check out these top Language-learning tool with speech recognition that will help learn a language online fast free.

Best way to learn a language online

DuolingoBest way to learn a language online

Everybody knows Duolingo. It is the most popular language app and for good reasons. We might not call it the ‘best language app,’ but it practically is one of the best given how comprehensive and fun the learning experience is, and all of it, absolutely cost-free. With Duolingo, learning a language doesn’t feel like a task. It is more like an addictive game. Duolingo is aimed at the whole world as it has courses for every language and some are created by native speakers. So, if you want to learn a language really well, this is the app for you. You could access this website from here. They have an option to download the mobile application on the same page.


HelloTalk gives you one thing Duolingo doesn’t; you get to actually communicate with other learners. You get to check out profiles of different users and contact them if you think you could teach each other the language you both want to learn. It is a fun app with a WhatsApp like interface where you can doodle, chat, and correct each other’s language. It is literally like finding someone to teach you their native language and vice-versa, with guidance from the app. The text-to-voice feature ensures you learn the pronunciation as well. What more could one ask for? The mobile application could be downloaded from here.


The gaming experience you get with MindSnacks is on another level. You get to learn just about seven languages with this app, but each comes with 8-9 games that prepare you for decent communication. There are more games to practice the language so that you can perfect your grammar and pronunciation, and also improve your vocabulary. Some of the games are available in the premium version, but the basic version is enough for you to learn the language and have fun. You could access this website from here. They offer mobile applications too.


Busuu is a language app that helps you learn from the basics to the advanced levels. The level Busuu enables you to learn at is beyond what Duolingo offers. Busuu has an interactive approach to teaching the complex rules and the vocab of a new language. It also comes with grammar tips feature and allows you to chat with natives of the language you are learning, so you can gauge your proficiency. Currently, this app only has 12 languages, but if the language you want to learn is on the list, it is worth a try. Some courses and tools are at a premium, but the basic flashcards and learning exercises for writing are all free. You can access this website here. You can also use their mobile application.


Memrise is a very good app for vocabulary. This app too comes with a game-like experience to offer a fun way of learning. There is this foreign planet theme if you like elaborate story-like games. The learning experience does not get lost in the game if that’s what you are worried about. In fact, the game helps you learn better. You can also listen to the audio to learn the perfect pronunciation. The app gives over 100 languages to choose from, but it is basically more of a vocab app. You can gain enough from the free version. You could access this website from here. They have an option to download the mobile application on the same page.


Tandem enables actual conversations with natives of the language you are trying to learn. There are audio, and video chat options, as well as texting feature so that you learn a language in a holistic way, speaking, writing, and listening. You will find no stalkers and people who will waste your time because Tandem is strict about the purpose of every user. If you think you are going to have to miss this learning opportunity because you are awkward around new people, here is good news. Tandem offers topics to choose from so you won’t be struggling to find something to talk about. Tandem offers over 150 languages to learn. The app can be downloaded here.


The other language apps offer to learn through a game-like experience, but Clozemaster is a game itself. It offers over 100 languages to learn. The whole app is absolutely free of cost so you won’t have to miss out on any fun because it needs money to unlock. You might not have heard of Clozemaster as often as you hear about Duolingo or Busuu but this app outdoes these apps in fun offered and in the fact that it is absolutely free. You could access this website from here. The have a mobile application as well.


This app enables you to contact native speakers without having to schedule or partner up with anybody. You can ask native speakers about the correct application of a word, pronunciation, and for complete translations. You can interact with other learners as well, and teach what you know. This is a free and a very compact app. The mobile application could be downloaded from here.


MosaLingua is a perfect learning app for beginners as well as for people looking for a certain area of expertise. It is best for those who want to learn on their own because the self-assessment flashcards help you learn and remember everything you need to. Some parts of this app are premium just like many others, but the free version will teach you a language well enough for you to be able to communicate with ease. Access this website here. Also, check out the option to download the mobile application on the same page.


FluentU saves the time you’d be spending on YouTube looking for the best videos to learn a language. It brings all the best videos to you with translation. You can pick up where you left off, go back, skip ahead, and replay as many times you need in order to learn. There is a limit on the free version, but if you have a busy day, it will be enough for the time you can take out to learn a language. You can access this website here. They have an option to download the mobile application on the same page.

Let us know which one you prefer.

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