Best VLC Extensions, Addons and Plug-ins list

The VLC media player is one of the most popular multi-format media players available for free. The player is robust, super flexible, and can be easily customized. You can enhance the performance and capabilities of your VLC media player by using free plug-ins and extensions available online.

Best VLC Extensions, Addons & Plug-ins

In this article, we have rounded up some of the best plug-ins and extensions you can install to your VLC media player.

Moments’ Tracker

Best VLC Extensions, Addons and Plug-ins

With the help of this plug-in, you can create bookmarks or timestamps from a media file. Simply capture all of your best moments in a video and jump back to them at any time. You no longer need to manually search for your favorite moments anymore. You can save your moments with a custom name for not just one but multiple files. The plug-in also enables users to create checkpoints in a particular movie – which means you can return to the checkpoint at any time later.

Once you’ve created your list of moments from multiple videos, create a playlist for all of those videos. You’ll be able to see the entire list of your favorite moments from the entire playlist. You can download the plug-in from here.

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Playlist Cleaner

This is a simple yet highly productive plug-in for maintaining playlists. The plug-in allows users to remove duplicate files from their VLC playlists. It also cleans up the playlist from the files that have been deleted or moved from their source location. In a nutshell, it helps you maintain a junk-free and crisp playlist. Get the plug-in for free here.


Best VLC Extensions, Addons & Plug-ins

This is a great tool to playback the same video on different computers at the same time. This means that you can remotely watch a video with your friends at the same time. Just connect to the same server and install this plug-in on all the computers and you’re ready to roll. With Sync play, one can use the playback features like Forward, Backward, Pause, or Play and the changes will be reflected in all the systems. Syn play is free for download. Get the plug-in for free here.

TuneIn Radio

As the name suggests, with this plug-in, you can listen to TuneIn Radio on your VLC media player. It fetches the list of available stations automatically. You can simply use this plug-in to stream any radio station without opening up the browser. Once installed, you’ll find this feature under the Internet section of your player. Get the plug-in here.

Resume Media

This is another simple yet effective plug-in for your VLC media player. It enables resuming playback from the last known position. So if you closed a video/audio file after 3 minutes, it would automatically play the same file from 3 minutes the next time you play it. The feature corresponds to most of the media players like MX player on Android. You don’t have to manually navigate/ forward the video till the position you have already viewed it. Download Resume Media V3.40 from here.


This is an amazing extension for your VLC player. Use the VLSub subtitles finder extension to find subtitles for any video in real-time playback straight from your VLC player. The tool searches for a subtitle from using the hash of the video currently playing. Download this great VLC extension from here.

Time v3

Use this extension to have a display of the running time in the video playing on the screen. This is a basic yet useful tool, and you can have nine possible positions for displaying the playtime on the screen. You can even view the elapsed in milliseconds. This extension is quite useful for video editors and budding professionals. Find the Time v3 extension for free here.

Info Crawler

Info crawler is an extension that searches the internet and brings back information related to the media file you are currently playing. You can check the IMDB ratings, find subtitles from, search Wikipedia, find lyrics for music, and much more. The tool uses the file name, album and artist names to fetch the related information from Google. This is an amazing tool to have. Download it for free from here.

Intro and Credits Skipper

Define the length of the intros and credits for an episode, and this extension will skip that from the playback. This is possibly one of the best tools to use when you’re going to watch a TV series. The tool will jump straight to the action and skip the initial few minutes automatically. Give it a try, and you’ll surely end up using it every time without fail. Get it here.

Remember Playing Now

If you listen to web radios a lot and want to store the songs & artists details of all the songs you’ve listened to, this is the right extension for you. Remember Playing Now extracts the ‘Now Playing’ information and metadata and saves it to a text file on your local drive. It is like storing a log of all the songs from the streaming. Get the extension here.

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