How to backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key in Windows 10/8.1

Previously, we told you how to recover files & data from inaccessible BitLocker encrypted drives. In order to use the BitLocker feature, the recovery key is of paramount importance and you should place it at a very convenient location, which you could remember easily. Recently, one of our readers told us that he had forgotten the location of the recovery key, for a BitLocker encrypted drive, and that he couldn’t decrypt the same drive as a result of this.

Backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key

Today in this article, we’ll show you how to backup the BitLocker drive encryption key. When you have recovery key with you, turning off BitLocker for a drive becomes easy. So lets see the how to part:

Backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key

1. Press Windows Key + Q and type bitlocker. From search results, pick Manage BitLocker entry.


2. In the BitLocker Drive Encryption window, look for the drive whose recovery key you’re required at the moment. Click on Back up your recovery key.


3. Moving on, in the following window, you have three options to back up your recovery key. You can save it to Microsoft account, to a text file or you can print it to get a hard copy. We chosen to save it to a text file, which was the simplest bet. Save the text file to a most convenient location which you couldn’t forget, for example, My Documents.


4. Once you have saved the text file, open it and scroll down to look for recovery key. In this way, we’ve backup the recovery key for a fixed operating system or an external drive/USB drive.


If you wish, you can also save it to your Microsoft account, provided you are using Microsoft Account to sign into your Windows 8 PC.

Check this, if you receive a Your Recovery Key Couldn’t Be Saved To This Location error message. Also read Why Microsoft stores your Windows 10 Device Encryption Key to OneDrive.

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