Automatically move the mouse pointer to the dialog box in Windows 10


  1. The Windows Club is always a great source for my “tips and tricks” but the mouse cursor dialog box item I find particularly handy in daily use. Thanks!

  2. This is nothing new for Windows 7.. Just made this change on my XP system as well..

    Have fun!


  3. On office 2007 the mouse pointer automatically moved to the default button in a dialog box. The mouse properties have not been changed .but after installing office 2010 this function does not work anymore?

  4. I have the same question – why doesn’t the mouse pointer move to the default button in Office 2010?

  5. Yep, I’m pretty frustrated that this isn’t working in Office 2010 either. Not too mention a few other keyboard shortcuts no longer work like they used to either. Hm…

  6. This fix to snap to dialog box does not work with Office 10. MS needs to fix it but from other forums it looks like they are ignoring. Does MS have its collective head in the cloud?

  7. All the reasons given above for checking the box to turn ON the automatic positioning of the pointer on the OK Button of a dialog box are important. But the MOST IMPORTANT reason for doing so in my view, Is that occasionally the very dialog box that you need to click on in order to move on to the next TASK, may be obscured or behind another window or flash screen making it unable to be seen in order to move the pointer to close that dialog box so that you can move on to the next task. IN SUCH CASES, all you need to do is PRESS the RETURN BUTTON as the pointer will already be positioned on the default button to close itself (ususually the OK button) BEHIND THE WINDOW THAT IS OBSCURING THE VIEW OF THAT DIALOG BOX…Whew!…that was a long explaination. Hope I didn’t lose you!

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