How to automatically turn off Wi-Fi when Ethernet cable is plugged in

Using a Wi-Fi connection is one of the easiest ways for connecting to the web. No matter where you are in your house, you won’t be free from using Facebook or whatever else you do online. But what happens when you plug in an Ethernet cable into your computer?

Usually, the computer will automatically connect to the Ethernet network instead of the Wi-Fi network. This makes perfect sense since a wired connection is always better than a wireless one. However, Windows does not automatically turn off the Wi-Fi connection so it’s left open. Some folks do not wish to have both the Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi network opened at the same time.

It’s very much possible to automatically turn off Wi-Fi when Ethernet cable is plugged in, but it all depends on the Network Adapter that is installed on your computer hardware.

Automatically turn off Wi-Fi when Ethernet cable is plugged in

Considering you have a supported wireless network card installed, make sure your Wi-Fi is connected. Now, right-click on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

The next step is to click on Wireless Network Connection or the name of your Wi-Fi SSID. A small window should pop up.

Automatically turn off Wi-Fi when Ethernet cable is plugged in

Just click on the button that says Properties and move on from there. So far, you should be seeing Networking and Sharing, along with the name of your Wi-Fi adapter. Ignore those options and click on Configure to make it to the next step.

Again, a small window will reveal itself. From this window, you should be seeing several tabs. Be sure to focus on the one that says Advanced because it’s the most important. OK, so click on the Advanced tab, and seek out the option Disabled Upon Wired Connect from the Properties box.

The value here should be Disabled, but you’ll want to change it to Enabled, then click OK and that’s it. From now on, whenever you plug in your Ethernet cable, the Wi-Fi connection will automatically disconnect itself without your interference.

All-in-all, this is the best way to automatically turn Wi-Fi off when an Ethernet cable is connected to your computer. Yes, there are applications and scripts that are capable of doing the job, but they are not perfect.

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  1. That’s awesome. I hope that it works too with USB tethering. (It gets detected as an Ethernet connection by my Laptop).

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