Auto change Wallpapers on Windows 10 with these Microsoft Store apps

Do you love how the wallpapers change dynamically on your Windows 10 Lock Screen? Many people have asked me about how to get such dynamic wallpapers on the desktop. Sadly, Windows does not come with an inbuilt feature to fetch pictures from the internet and apply them as a desktop background. But in this post, we’ve covered 3 Windows apps that can dynamically change wallpapers on your desktop. These tools fetch wallpapers from various sources including Bing and Windows Spotlight.

Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer apps for Windows 10

  1. Dynamic Theme
  2. Daily Desktop Wallpaper
  3. Desktop Studio

Let us discuss these tools in detail. All of them are available to download from Microsoft Store.

1. Dynamic Theme

This is probably the best tool in the list as it is simplest and gets the job done. Dynamic Theme lets you dynamically change your wallpaper to daily Bing or Windows Spotlight Image. Not just that, you can even add custom images and the tool can easily a run a slideshow on your Windows desktop. Dynamic Theme also works on Lock Screen and you can use this tool to maintain a common wallpaper on both the screens at all the time.

Auto change Wallpapers on Windows 10

Other features include notifications whenever a new image is available, autosave of the Daily Bing or Spotlight image in the folder of your choice and much more. For Daily Bing images, the region can also be customized so that you get relevant images as wallpapers for your Windows desktop or Lock Screen. There is also an option to not download images on a metered connection and sync settings across devices.

Download Dynamic Theme here.

2. Daily Desktop Wallpaper

This is a lot simpler tool any only for users who are interested only in Bing wallpapers. The tool automatically fetches Bing Daily Wallpapers for the set region. You can view up to last eight wallpapers along with their descriptions.

As I mentioned, the tool is a lot simpler and just has one job of updating the Desktop and Lock Screen background daily. You can also specify a folder to save these wallpapers too. And another option lets you customize the resolution in which the image is downloaded on your computer.

Download Daily Desktop Wallpaper here.

3. Wallpaper Studio 10

This is a fairly complex application and comes with a lot of features. Using this tool, you can browse thousands of wallpaper collections created by various publishers or users in the community. These collections can be later set as slideshows on Desktop or Lock screen backgrounds. You can browse these collection categories wise, popularity wise or even country wise. Apart from that, you can create custom collections as well which will include wallpapers that you would have selected.

Wallpaper Studio 10 also lets you browse Daily Bing Wallpapers in a set region. Bing Wallpapers can be applied on Desktop or Lock Screen easily.

Download Wallpaper Studio 10 here.

These were a few Windows apps that can help you dynamically change wallpapers on your Windows computer. All these tools work with both Desktop and Lock Screen backgrounds and are available to download from Microsoft Store for free. These tools will not change accent colors as Windows does not allow changing it from external applications. If you want a matching accent color, you can set it to automatic in Colours settings.

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