Astro A50 mic not working on PC or Xbox One

The Astro A50 headset is one of the best out there for gaming and everything else. It’s a great headset, but as of late, some users have been experiencing problems where they find it difficult to speak to others. It’s hugely annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of a First-Person Shooter (FPS), and you need to communicate with your team. To make sure this problem never happens again, we’ve gone ahead and figured out a way to fix your Astro A50 once and for all.

Astro A50 mic not working

Astro A50 mic not working on PC

What we’re going to talk about here is very easy to understand, and equally as easy to accomplish, so let’s do this.

1] Check device settings for your microphone

Bear in mind that your Astro A50 microphone might be disabled, so we have to enable it if such is the case. So, here’s what we’re going to do, click on the Windows Key + R which should bring up the Run dialog box. Inside the box, type control then hit the Enter key.

Doing this should launch the Control Panel. The next step, then, is to click on Hardware and Sound, and select Sound from the list. A new window should pop up, so from here choose the Recording tab, and select Show Disabled Devices.

Astro A50 mic not working

Next, go on ahead an right-click on Headset Microphone and select Enable from the options given to you. Right-click it once more and choose Set as Default Device, then finally, click on OK, restart your computer, and check to see if your mic is working properly.

2] Troubleshoot your hardware

If your Astro A50 headset is still not working after attempting the above options, then chances are we might be dealing with a hardware problem. Please plug the headset in another port on your computer to figure out if the problem is related to an issue with the hardware of your PC.

Now, what you can do next, is to test the headset on another computer. This should tell you if your PC is the main issue overall.

At the end of the day, if everything here doesn’t help, then the chances of your Astro A50 being defective is quite high. Consider returning it to the vendor, or purchase another brand to be on the safe side.

Astro A50 mic not working on Xbox One

1] Set things back to the default

Press the mute mic button on the controller’s adapter, by this time you should see a glowing light that is colored orange. If this doesn’t show up, simply remove the mic and USB cable, the audio adapter, and finally the battery from the controller.

Wait for a while, then reattach the battery, then do the same with the USB cable. After that, connect the audio adapter, then the mic cable directly to the adapter and the headset. The next step, then, is to press the mute mic button and look out for the orange light.

Doing this should return everything to its default settings.

2] Set the audio levels for the headset

  • Turn the master loudness to the max: Start one of your favorite video games and make sure the sound is active. On the headset, press and hold the Game Audio button until it beeps twice, then turn the volume up to the max or at a level you’re most comfortable with.
  • Full broadcast your mic: First up, you must turn down your mic audio by 16 clicks at least, then turn up the volume on the adapter by 16 clicks.
  • Alter the chat conversation volume: The next step, then, is to press the Mic Audio on the headset button, and right away things should be good to go.

Hope something here helps you.

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