Extract RAR files on Windows 10 using these free Microsoft Store apps

If you need to send a set of files to another user via email or attaching a link to a cloud drive, you might have to compress the folder containing files to send it. This is to save internet data, time, etc. Rather, if you intend to send files via a USB disk which has limited space, compress files would become necessary.

Two popular formats to compress files are ZIP and RAR. While ZIP is an in-built functionality in Windows systems, RAR needs specialized software to compress the files and folders. At the receiving end, you would need a similar software to extract the files.

Windows 10 apps to extract RAR files

This article lists the best apps to open RAR files on Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store.

  1. BreeZip
  2. Cool File Viewer
  3. Rar Zip Extractor Pro
  4. 9 ZIP
  5. RAR Opener
  6. UnRar Windows
  7. 8 Zip
  8. RAR Extractor
  9. Free ZIP RAR Extractor
  10. Any Zip.

1] BreeZip


BreeZip is the most popular RAR file extractor app available on the Microsoft Store. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the fact that its interface is just like File Explorer, thus making it easy to use. BreeZip supports rar, zip, 7z, iso, bzip2, gzip, tar, xz, etc. file formats. The software can help you encrypt files using a password. However, in that case, the recipient would also need to use BreeZip to extract the files. The freeware could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

2] Cool File Viewer

Cool File Viewer

While Cool File Viewer is second to BreeZIP in popularity, it is was more versatile than BreeZIP. Cool File Viewer supports more than 450 file formats, not only RAR. Rather, if your files are compressed in an unknown format, this software could be the key to it. This RAR extractor software allows you to preview the files on the user interface itself. Cool File Viewer is available on the Microsoft Store.

3] Rar Zip Extractor Pro

Rar Zip Extractor Pro

If you need to compress multiple files and folders, Rar Zip Extractor Pro would be the best freeware for the purpose. The company claims its product provides the highest compression ratio for your files. It supports the formats 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, TAR, ISO, etc. You could also password protect your files using Rar Zip Extractor Pro. Its interface is really easy-to-use. Check more about the product on the Microsoft Store.

4] 9 ZIP


9 ZIP is a popular RAR file extractor which also has its own format for compressing files. The software could be used for extracting (and compressing) files in customized RAR formats like 5 RAR, 7 RAR, 9 RAR, etc. so that they the recipient couldn’t use any other software to extract the files. You can download the 9 ZIP software from the Microsoft Store here.

5] RAR Opener

RAR Opener

RAR Opener is light and really fast RAR extractor. It can be used to extract various file formats like 7Z, Zip, TAR, LZH, etc. You can use it for setting passwords on your RAR files too. RAR Opener is quite popular on the Microsoft Store. It has excellent ratings and comments from users. Read more about it here.

6] UnRar Windows

UnRar Windows

One of the simplest RAR decompression tools in this list is UnRar Windows. It has a command prompt like interface and lacks a graphical user interface. However, don’t worry, the software won’t require much of an effort from your end. It extracts all RAR files, whether password protected or not. UnRar Windows supports the file formats RAR, ZIP, LZIP, GZIP, TAR files, and 7zip files. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

7] 8 Zip

8 Zip

If you are fed up of the conventional RAR extractor apps, try 8 Zip. This new generation app uses cutting edge technology for extracting files. You can decrypt the files using touch or an iris scan. The application allows you to watch the compressed media on the graphic user interface directly. It is available at the Microsoft Store here.

8] RAR Extractor

apps to open RAR

If you are searching for a light, yet fast and efficient RAR extraction software, try RAR Extractor. The software allows users to preview the content on the graphic user interface window before extracting it. It is quick to download doesn’t occupy much space on the system. Check more about it on the Microsoft Store here.

9] Free ZIP RAR Extractor

The Free ZIP RAR Extractor tool isn’t famous, but worth downloading. It has a pretty simple interface and is easy-to-use. All users who rated the freeware rated it 5-star. It can help in archiving and extracting files in many formats. Free ZIP RAR Extractor can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

10] Any Zip

Any Zip

The Any Zip software can be used to extract files in the formats RAR, ZIP, and GZIP. It supports the option to drag and drop the files you intend to download directly to the user interface, instead of browsing it. Compressing and decompressing the files is an almost instant process. Read more about it on the Microsoft Store here.

Which one do you use?

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