AOMEI PE Builder: Create a complete WinPE-based bootable media


  1. Ooh! This is nice. I’ve been using Ubuntu to do this but I hope I may use this instead.

  2. It’s a pretty nice little software. The ability to add drivers is a great feature. I work for an outsource IT company, and we service 50+ clients. Having the ability to boot up in a PE environment knowing my NIC drivers will work is great.
    There are a few things that I would like to see in the software.
    1. The ability to add in your own pre-installed software within the PE environment.
    2. The ability to open a previously created ISO and modify it.
    3. Customizing your PE environment (background images, appearance, etc)
    Outside of that, it’s working good. Maybe in future releases they will include these features.
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. I never worried about this as I have Macrium Reflect free do a system backup to a separate drive each week then any time I have a problem I do a system restore saved me a few times over the years

  4. I tried the Beta version of this software, and it worked great. However there was one problem: the feature to add portable programs did not work at all. I wonder if they fixed it – has anybody tried?

  5. Does the creation of WinPE bootable USB take quite a long time? My system has been weird and I cannot outright clone the drive, I ordered a larger drive and I am hoping to not be required to reinstate the system the old fashioned way.

    It is frustrating.

  6. Is there an option to enable the start menus right click context menu so I can view “System” “Manage” and such?

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