Free Anti-theft Laptop Recovery software for Windows PC


  1. @Anand please help me!I want,if possible,a license for TuneUp Utilities 2013!
    Please HELP ME,my PC is very old and i lost the giveaway!!!
    sorry for off topic!!!!

  2. What if the thief format OS before using it? Formatting will completely wipes all the hard drive data and installed programs making anti theft programs useless.

    Do you’ve any thoughts on this?

  3. For IPFetcher the PC only needs to be hooked up to the internet once, and then you have the information that can lead the police to the exact location. And its free.

    No, you cant prevent a format – but:

    If I was a thief, and had stolen a lot of things, including your PC, I would not bother formatting it
    and spend my time and money to reinstall it.
    After all a PC without an operating system is not that easy to sell.

  4. Normal os? Free to download and install but as above, you can if set up security in bios prevent a format, plus there are free software like truecrypt rated as impregnable, actually estimate a team of techs would take maybe 100 years to crack so if read up and set your security correctly should always be able recover/destroy sensitive data

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