Secure your laptop with LAlarm laptop alarm security software


  1. Hi, I use my work laptop all over the large office I work in and I am afraid of it getting stolen with all the sensitive data on it. I will soon be buying a new laptop too which it would be cool to use this program on. This software would be invaluable for me! Please send a Business License!

  2. Hi. This would be a really valuable program to have. I travel a lot and I do worry that something will happen to my laptop. As my laptop is my main business tool, this could be disastrous. So I would love to have the peace of mind that LAlarm would give me. So yes, I would very much like a licence. Thank you.

  3. I would love to have a license for this superb program. I take data security very seriously and this program has many great features to keep my laptop safe and secure in case of theft. Thanks in advance.

  4. This is the perfect program companion when you have your laptop in places where you know or fear you laptop could go lost or stolen, specially for the feature of destroy sensible data if laptop is stolen, in order for me to have that peace of mind when carrying my laptop on those places I would like a license for the business edtition.
    Many Thnaks.

  5. I have earlier tried some other laptop security software Which I was not satisfied at all. This program looks to have a long list of protection features. I will need it immediately as I am scheduled to go on a one month long trip with my laptop.

  6. good give away…congratulations to TWC anniversary…good luck…!!!
    p;s:-don’t count me in…:p

  7. Hello TheWindowsClub,
    My heartfelt congratulations to on your Anniversary.Thanks for giving some truly awesome softwares for us.
    Please don’t count me in for this ,thanks anyway^^

  8. I am visiting your page since a few months, I really like it. I have a Laptop and think that this software could be very useful. I would like tho have a license. :)
    sry, for my (bad) english, I am from Germany. ;)


    This is a great site with lots of helpful info, articles, and lots of useful free stuff. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Would love a business license also please ;-)

  10. Wow, this software is so usefull. I have a laptop that was almost stolen by a guy, but I’ve seen it when he tried to grab it from my bag. I appreciate if you can send me a license for this nice program ! Cheers !

  11. WOW! This is wonderful. There is actually nothing extra to carry (just software) for more peace of mind while I travel around town doing computer repairs. The highlights are great with so many alarms. It even does more than security; my favorites are disk alarm and data destruction that verifies and confirms . It is a must-have especially if having sensitive data on your hard drive like myself. It’s Awesome! Can’t believe it is really free. Thanks TWC and Congratulations and many more!

  12. Security is an essential in this day and age, whether it be hardware or software. Software is easy to have but a decent hardware security is hard (no pun intended) to find. LAlarm is one of the best that I have heard of.

  13. very interesting and useful software … so i would like to use it ..pls count me in ….”Happy Anniversary”

  14. Hi

    If it is still possible, I would like to ask you for that business license for Win 7.

    And If you may, perhaps you can answer a question.
    I’ve recently bought a new notebook with Win 7 Home Premium. I wanted to buy Ultimate, but unfortunately, it is the only option possible, for the time being (in Poland). I bought it 3 weeks ago so I have not yet considered switching to Ultimate. But I am curious, if I use the business license, how does it influence the system restoration process. Will it than restore to the factory settings, with the factory key, or should I write it down somewhere.
    I never changed the license key, so I don’t want to mess things up (oh, yes… naturally my system is in Polish language, that is why I’m asking all these questions)

    Thanks for reading and sorry for so many questions ;)

  15. A license would be a blessing.
    So If it is still available, I would be grateful for
    a business license…. thank you.

  16. This software will really be useful to us. It has top features in its class. We have an office laptop that contains sensitive data. Kindly send me a business license. Thank you.

  17. Ihave tried an earlier version of this software and I have found it better to have a cable lock. LAlarm works well but doesn’t uninstall nicely, so if you install it, plan to keep it!

  18. hello, I’m a student doing a with a part-time job in an engineering company as a data compiler. Naturally, I’m dealing with sensitive data almost everyday. could you please kindly send that business license? thank you very much.

  19. this software really helps me, i am using my notebook in outdoor, and i had confidential company data inside my notebook. please send me a business license. thank you

  20. I would like a license please. After reading their website this software looks promising, although a I can’t imagine how a couple of the features work.

  21. Hello Anand
    Please send me one license of LAlarm.
    I am going to use it on the laptop provided to me by my company.
    Thanks a lot

  22. This sounds great and I wanna give it a try if you can mail me the license. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Hello, I would like to try out the Lalarm, so if you would send me a license key I would appreciate it. I have several people asking me about LoJack for laptops, so this could work out nice. I also can’t find the link to download Easeus. I use GetDataback, however I would like to try a different program. Thanks a bunch and good job on your website. Chad (CCS)

  24. Being a very moblie worker.. I’m very interested in trying Lalarm out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  25. Hello, we have a laptop that contains sensitive data and a license of Lalarm would be great to protect it. So please send me one license of LAlarm. Thanks in advance !

  26. I would really like a licence to help to keep my laptop secure, whilst on the move and in my house.

  27. Hi,Thank you for offering us another opportunity to win a tool which I would like to be contemplated. If possible of course.
    keep up the good work as always.
    Best Regards

  28. what a big giveaway,

    heard about this type of software before but never have chance to try

    many thanks to you,

    please send me one


  29. Hi, I use a business laptop. I appreciate if you could spare a business license for me. If my IT asks, I will show them my email as a proof of genuine license.

    Congrats on your 1st year Anniversary.

    Warm Regards, Mr. GR

  30. I am responsible for a laptop. This SW will give me peace of mind. I would like to request a license key please.
    Thank you for this site and all it provides.

  31. hi,

    thank you very much for the giveaway, can I receive one LAlarm. I gonna use it for my Labtop


  32. I would love to have the business license to secure my business laptops. thank you for the opportunity to get one.

  33. Hi. may include me in the giveaway? i alway use my laptop in public area, and i found that this license is great to give proection to my laptop. thank you..

  34. Hi
    I tried a free version of LAlarm and would like to try a full version. A license key would be appreciated.
    Thank you and happy anniversary!

  35. I would love a copy of this software. Wait. Is this needed for a small business? I want it anyway even if it isn’t needed.

  36. Hey great job TWC..
    Your website has been very popular and the articles posted are really nice…
    I am a business user and think LAlarm would be a nice companion for my laptop…

    Thanks anyways and please count me in…

  37. thanks for this offer, i recently bought a new laptop and i like to try this program count me in too.

  38. Happy anniversary TWC! More power for the years to come. I have my laptop for a couple of months now and i think this program is very essential. Please send me one license key too. Thanks in advance.

  39. Happy Anniversary…!!! :-)
    Looks like a great program…..Would definetly love to Secure my Alienware Machine.
    Please send me a license Key….

    Thanks In Advance

  40. Please send me a business license for LAlarm (LAlarm Business License Giveaway), if there are any left.

    Thank you

  41. if any license are still available, may I please receive one… Thanks for what you offer us here.. FROG

  42. 4 days are up. Time to close this giveaway.

    I have mailed the licenses to all those you have requested here. If you do not find it in your Inbox, please check your Junk folder and add the mail id to your safe list. :)

  43. Thank you very much for the license. It will give me a sense of security. This is an excellent site.

  44. I was going to ask for a license but I see it’s closed. It would help if you post the start/end time in GMT along with the date.

  45. I know it is a little late, but if you happen to find a license between the cushions of your sofa or behind the cat litter box, I would like to have it.
    (Even if it is a little wrinkled)
    Thanks !

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