Prey Anti Theft software review: Recover your stolen Laptop & Cellphones


  1. “After it is installed it … cannot be detected in the
    activity manager.” I’m a little uncomfortable with installing any executable on my machine that can’t be seen by Task Manager. There is no good reason for the functionality offered by Prey to be operating in such a cloaked background mode.
    Have you checked whether this software is in regular communication with a remote host?

  2. I am guessing that this could be probably be to avoid detection by the other party, should the laptop be stolen or found by someone else.

  3. hi developers, my question is , if laptop is stolen and theft are format the windows and installed the new windows then prey are working or not.

  4. LockItTight is better for Android devices and Windows based laptops. this must have app is more secure, reliable, less intrusive and very easy to use along with this they have best support too. definitely is recommended.

  5. Prey is software, A thief formats the hard drive and your outta luck. No way to track your laptop.

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