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Task Manager Deluxe: Alternative Task Manager for Windows 10/8/7

When I perform some registry manipulations on my Windows, the first and foremost thing I do is to restart the Explorer to observe the changes. Restarting the Explorer, of course is the intermediate is Task Manager (pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc combination brings it up). Thus there are many scenarios like this, where Task Manager is the prime focus. Today, in this article, we’ll introduce you with the MiteC’s Task Manager Deluxe.

Alternative Task Manager software for Windows

Task Manager Deluxe is simply a portable Task Manager with some additional features compared to those provided by native Task Manager in Windows. This is an easy  tool to get detailed information about system processes. We tested it on Windows 8 Pro, and it never failed to impress us with what it is intended for.

As you can see in the above image, this freeware houses a number of tabs with all detailed view for each task. You have the process IDs listed here with their type and file name. Clicking on Process Details yields further information about selected task. In the native Task Manager, you have to click on a task and then click on End task to terminate it, but here you have the ability to terminate multiple tasks at the same instance. The Auto refresh option here automatic refreshing of the current screen in defined interval.

Moving on the, here the Autoruns tab takes care the processes you wish at the start-up of Windows. So you can easily deselect those process which irritates you at the start-up, by terminating them.

Task Manager Deluxe provides you the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope dedicated graphical view for the CPU performance. The graphical view for CPU History and Memory Usage History are separately available with some sort of System Information. This task manager covers browsing and administration of following domains:

The only thing which is not favorable with this utility is accessing it using shortcut keyboard combination. Likewise, you can access native Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc combination, you need to click separately on this freeware’s icon to get it. But its much more beneficial and a must have if you’re looking for detailed task analysis for your system.

MiteC’s Task Manager Deluxe free download

You can get this cool and smart yet light weight utility from its download page. Download Task Manager Deluxe from here.

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