How to add your Zodiac Sign in Cortana for daily notifications

Microsoft is improving a lot in Cortana for Windows 10. With each build, she is getting smarter and sharper. There is so much that your very own personal digital assistant offers to you. Being substantially feature-laden, she offers you daily insights for your routine, opens up the portal to news all around the world, reminds you when you have almost failed to remember buying groceries, comes up with some great restaurant choices and what not. On the top of that, did you know that Cortana can be a fortune teller also? Well, yes! You can add your Zodiac sign in Cortana Notebook, and she will come up with daily fortuity intuitions. This guide will help you add your Zodiac sign in Cortana.

Add your Zodiac Sign in Cortana

1. Launch Cortana by clicking on search box/search icon on the taskbar. In the left pane of Cortana, click on the Notebook icon (highlighted in the below image).

2. Now, in the Cortana Notebook section, click on Lifestyle (Highlighted in the above image) to configure notification regarding lifestyle tips.

3. Up next, in the Lifestyle notifications window, click on Add a Zodiac Sign (Highlighted in the below image) to add your own Zodiac sign.

4. In the next window, you will be presented with all 12 zodiac signs along with the date range for each. Choose your Zodiac sign as per according to your birthday.

5. Cortana will now open Lifestyle section again, and you can see that your Zodiac sign has been added.

6. Voila! You have just configured Cortana for coming up with daily horoscope notifications. As you can see, Cortana pulls up the horoscope data from popular websites according to your region and feeds it right on your daily glance screen. You can even choose to see more predictions by clicking on See more predictions link.

Hope you like this feature!

Just a heads up, Cortana is going to get much better in Anniversary Update which is scheduled to release on August 2.

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