How to add Sound Effects to Microsoft PowerPoint Animations

The Animation pane in PowerPoint is a task pane that appears to the right of the slide and displays important information pertaining to the animations you have added to your slides. If you have not added an animation effect to your object, head to the Animations tab, and choose your desired effect in the Animation box. You may refer to our previous post on how to add animation in PowerPoint. Doing so, will allow you add sound effects to your slides. So, launch PowerPoint, and open the document that you want to edit.

Assuming you have now added animation to the object let’s proceed further and add sound effects to PowerPoint animations and slides.

Add Sound Effects to PowerPoint animation

On the slide, select the text or object you want to add an additional effect to.

Add Sound Effects to PowerPoint animation

From the ‘Advanced Animation’ section select, ‘Animation Pane’ option.

Animation pane button

Then from the right-hand column of ‘Animation Pane’, click the drop-down arrow and select the ‘Effects’ option.

Effects option

On the Effect tab, under Enhancements, click the arrow in the Sound list, and do one of the following:

  • If you want to add a sound from the list, click an option.
  • If you want to add a sound from a file, click ‘Other sound, and then navigate to the file.

If the path name of a linked file exceeds 128 characters, Microsoft Office PowerPoint will fail to search and play that linked file. As such, it is advisable to either rename the linked file, or shorten the path name by copying the linked file into the folder where your presentation is located. Then, update them manually by removing the sounds from the presentation and then adding them again.


Add Sound Effects to Transition Pages

Transition pages are the pages that occur when you advance from slide to slide within the presentation In PowerPoint. You can add sound effects to complement the slide transition animation if desired.

To add a transition effect, choose your page, go to the Transitions tab, and choose one of the available effects in the box.

transition effect

When the transition is added, find the Sound option in the ‘Timing’ section, and choose one of the available sound effects from the menu. The added sound can be previewed during the transition of pages.

Animation timing

Hope you find this tutorial useful.

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