Add, Remove, Manage Credit Cards in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 lets you manage your credit cards, debit cards, and  PayPal info, to make payment easier. It is very similar to how you save passwords in any browser. The idea is to make payments seamless. However, unlike autofill, it’s more secure and uses Microsoft Pay.  That said, Microsoft has expanded “Microsoft Pay”  to work over Outlook, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Windows Store, and so on. The system goes beyond this, Microsoft can also pull your shipping address as well, making shopping seamless. Coming back to our topic, here we are talking about how to Add, Remove, Manage Credit Cards in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Add, Remove, Manage Credit Cards in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Manage Credit Cards in Edge browser

So now that you know about Microsoft Pay, let’s take a look at how it works with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Launch Edge, and make sure you are signed in with your Microsoft Account. Tap on the three vertical to icon > Settings > Advanced settings > Manage cards. If you have ever used your  Credit / Debit card here, You will notice that it will be listed here. It’s visible when the toggle for Microsoft Pay is ON.

Add Manage Credit Cards in Edge on Windows 10

Add Credit Card information in Microsoft Edge

  • Click on Add button
  • In the next screen, you can add card number, expiry date, and a name. This will help you remember about the card.
  • Save, and its complete.

Go back to the Saved Card settings, and you should be able to see the new card.

Remove Credit Card information in Microsoft Edge

It is interesting to note, that there is no way to remove the cards directly from Microsoft Edge. Microsoft only lets you use a card which is available with your account or when you add them on the fly. This makes sure your shopping is not interrupted. So how do you remove a card from here?

Microsoft Account Section is the answer. If you been using Windows for a long time, you already know about it. If not, follow this link, and sign-in with your credentials. It will list all your payment methods including address, option to redeem codes for both Windows Store and Xbox.

Add Edit Credit Card from Microsoft Payment

Here, you can edit, and update card info, and also remove your card. Once it’s removed from here, it will disappear from Microsoft Edge as well.

If you are wondering how to permanently remove Microsoft Pay from Edge, that’s not really possible.  However, you can disable saved card options, and Microsoft Pay will not work anymore on Edge. However, as soon as you turn it on, it will reappear.  Sadly, there is no way to password protect this section.

If you are using Edge on Android, check out how you can set up autofill for Credit Cards in Edge for Android.

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