Add Clocks, Set Alarms, Use Timer & Stopwatch in Windows 10 Alarms & Clocks app


  1. Just updated to windows 10 last night… guess what, the alarm doesn’t work. This morning I have setup many alarms for the entire day. Now 12 hours later, there is NO sound, NO pop-up notification at all. My PC is not asleep or shut off. I’m working on my PC and I always setup alarms so I don’t forget the time while working on stuff.

  2. Set an alarm. tested it, deleted it. Now it goes of everyday at 4:48pm Glad it wasn’t 3am.
    Please tell me where I can disable it. The alarm app (mickey mouse at best) is so desktop unfriendly. Must to use enter key to set times, even if you hit save. No preview of what the alarms sound like. Pretty bad for an app that looks it was made in VB version 1 and took 10 minutes to build. And of course, it’ll still go off after deleted all alarms.

  3. With Windows 7 I had four jolly clock faces on the desk top so I could instantly see the time in key places overseas, that I had chosen. With Windows 10 there is a map to use… but you can only choose large towns, you cannot rename them and I can’t find a way of putting the clocks on the desk top- I don’t want to have a list linked to the time on the lower tool bar and in any case it seems there is a limit to the number of clocks you can add. Is there another way to reinstate my clocks (under the new Windows 10)

  4. Alarms in Win 8 would go off for 2-3 minutes, then quiet themselves, leaving the alarm notification on the screen. Perfect for when you’re there to be reminded, and for shutting itself up when you’re not. With Win 10, if I’m downstairs and an alarm goes off, I have to trek upstairs and click it off or it will blare until the end of time. That alone outweighs its usefulness to me. Really wish I could download the old Alarms app from the store. 🙁

  5. I too would like to know as I had three such clocks and there doesn’t seem any similar option with windows 10 , either witihin the software itself, as “gadgets” are no longer available/supported, or with add on apps. – Please will someone answer and help us.

  6. Is there a limit to the number of alarms that you can set? Trying to use it for my classrooom and can’t seem to set more than 10. Does that sound right?

  7. You can add custom tones to W10 Alarms by simply overwrting the alarm sounds on C:/Windows/Media (make a backup copy of ogiriinal sounds of this folder if you don’t wanna lose all of those annoying crap sounds for some reason) with the sound you want to use converted to .wav format.
    (ex: convert your favorite song to “Alarm01.wav” and place it on C:/Windows/Media and enjoy!)

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