How to add animated 3D Graphics to Microsoft Word in Windows 10

A new capability added to Office 365 allows its users to embed animated 3D graphics in Word or PowerPoint for Windows 10. These graphics are much like animated GIFs. Each one has pre-set animations or scenes that you can choose to play to inform or entertain your audience. We have already seen how to insert animated 3D Models into your PowerPoint presentation. Today let us see how to insert animated 3D Graphics from online sources in your Microsoft Word document.

Add animated 3D Graphics to Word

If you are doing a science project describing the circulatory system, you can show a heart beating. Or if you like to explain how our solar system works, you can show planets orbiting around the sun. Here’s how!

Please note that this feature is limited to Office 365 Subscribers only. As such, it will not work in other versions of Office like Office Home.

Assuming you want to add a 3D Graphic to your Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint slide, go to the Ribbon menu and choose the ‘Insert’ tab.

Go to ‘3D Models’ option and select ‘From Online Sources’. After that, in the dialog box that appears on your computer screen, select a category showing/displaying a ‘Runner’ badge (All Animated Models).

Add animated 3D Graphics to Word

Now, select an animated graphic from the Gallery and press ‘Insert’ button.

When done, the graphic will be added to your Word document. Also, a preview of the animation will immediately start playing.

To Pause or Stop the animation effect, choose ‘Format’ and hit the ‘Pause’ button.

Similarly, to choose a different animation, select ‘Format’ and choose ‘Scenes’.

Now, if the appearance of the graphic doesn’t appeal you and if you would like to adjust the view of the same, click and drag the 3D control.

To move the graphic, drag it with your mouse; to change its size, drag a corner handle.

Hope you find the feature useful!

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