How to turn 2D shape to 3D Object using Paint 3D

Are you fond of drawing some random doodles? Have you ever imagined some magic tricks that would transform your boring 2D picture into a realistic 3D model? Well then, turning a 2D shape into a 3D object is now possible with an application like Paint 3D. Microsoft’s Paint3D lets the user to digitally create 2D pictures and 3D objects as well as enjoy access to online Remix 3D, an online 3D community within the app itself.

While converting an already drawn 2D picture to a 3D object would be challenging task involving rigorous steps like designing, painting, resizing, rotating and repositioning of an object, it is worth a try. To turn a 2D shape to 3D model, the user needs to first recognize the 3D qualities of an image and analyze how the object would look like in real life. Based on the connotations, the user can select the 3D parts to model the shape look thinner, thicker, rounder, etc. to make it appear more lifelike. While it works excellent for simple doodles, Paint 3D doesn’t require any extraordinary artistic skills. All you need is to be familiar with the software and know how to play with objects in the 3D canvas space.

Paint 3D offers an easy platform to unbind the creativity in you irrespective of you being an artist or simply an art lover who just want to try out some drawings. In this article, we discuss on how to convert an already drawn 2D picture into a 3D  model.

Turn the 2D shape into 3D using Paint 3D

Download and install Paint 3D on your system. Download the application from the Microsoft Store.

Once the software is installed, Open the Paint 3D application.

Create a new project by clicking on the New option from the menu bar.

Turn the 2D shape into 3D using Paint 3D

If you already have a drawing file ready, simply drag the files to the project. Else draw a shape or doodle you wish to create.

In order to make the Canvas large to fit in both 2D and 3D model, Go to Canvas from the menu bar.

Drag the box to adjust height and width.

Once the drawings are ready, navigate to 3D shapes in the menu bar.

Search and choose the 3D shape that suits best for your doodle or shapes. For example, if your shape is an emoji face, you can select a 3D sphere.

Now trace the shape with the 3D tool. You can also trace each segment separately.

Once the tracing is complete, drag all the image parts to another side of the canvas to create a 3D object.

To color the 3D object, go to Art tool from the menu bar. You can make use of paint and other drawing tools like eyedropper fill bucket and so on directly on the 3D object. Eyedropper tool eases your task of finding the best color that matches perfectly for your 2D doodle. The fill tool lets user paint the object with same colors as in 2D shape.

Within the canvas, resize and reposition the object until you get a desired 3D shape. You can click on View in 3D mode to view how the shape looks as a whole and then edit till you get the perfect 3D shape.

There is also an option called sticker that partially creates a 3D model by adjusting the background from the canvas.

To use the sticker, simply trace and select the 2D image components.

Click on Make 3D option under the 2D selection.

Click on Make sticker from the 3D objects sidebar.

Drag the sticker. Reposition it to fit the desired shape.

You can also make use of Remix3D that offers 3d designs and share the 3d models for others to view in the community.

Now your canvas contains two images 2d image and a 3D model. To cut the 2D image, go to Canvas from the menu bar.

Now click on Crop option from the menu bar and select the section you want to keep. Click on Save to apply the changes.

That’s all.

Hope you like this tip!

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