Turn Off or Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 comes deeply integrated with Microsoft’s own cloud service – SkyDrive. One of the many benefits of signing in to your PC with a Microsoft account is that you can sync info between any PCs you use that are also running Windows 8.1. When you sign in with a Microsoft account, your PC is connected to Microsoft servers online. This implies all your personal settings and preferences are stored in SkyDrive, and are synced to any PC that you sign in to. Although good, sometimes you may feel the need to keep some of your personal settings more private and turn off syncing entirely and remove the SkyDrive sync data.

Here’s a short tutorial that will show you how to remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1.

Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Turn Off Sync Data option in SkyDrive

Go to Settings >Change PC Settings and choose SkyDrive.

Skydrive Sync Turn Off or Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

You will find Sync Settings option. Click the option. In the right pane scroll down and change the SkyDrive syncing options to your other Windows 8.1 devices. Settings that can be synced include:

  • Personalization
  • Apps and App Data
  • Web Browser favorites
  • History
  • Settings
  • Back Up settings and others.

Remove Sync Data in SkyDrive

If you would like to remove complete sync data you can. Just visit Windows 8 SkyDrive Personal Settings Privacy page. Here, sign in with your Microsoft account. You will notice information from Microsoft on how to turn off syncing on each Windows 8.1 PC. Simply hit the ‘Remove’ button. Confirm your action before proceeding any further.

personal settings Turn Off or Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Delete Backed Up Device Settings

An additional step is required here for deleting the backed up device settings. Go to SkyDrive website, login using your Microsoft account information. Navigate to ‘Options’. Under it, select Device Settings.

skydrive device settings Turn Off or Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Delete the devices you want.

delete backup settings Turn Off or Remove SkyDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

That’s it! You have removed Sync Data feature from SkyDrive in Windows 8.1.

How to disable SkyDrive integration in Windows 8.1 using Group Policy or Registry Editor, may also interest some of you.

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  • Peter

    Thanks for the tip how to remove Sky Drive but I found it a little bit hard as a new Win8.1 User (against my will because it was on my new laptop) to find the Sky Drive Sync Settings on the Computer or the “Windows 8 SkyDrive Personal Settings Privacy page” (I found this per Google search in the Internet) without a tip where it is.
    I still miss my XP very much. Win7 was more a beauty but less useful and Win8 is only confusing and horrible complicated and ugly. I think about it to remove my HDD on my Laptop and install my old HDD from my old Laptop with my old Win7 System. Win8 is something you wish you had bought a Apple ……
    The simplest things what I have done in earlier years intuitive is now everytime a thing of long google research. Win8 is something it kills your time and your fun. My Laptop converted from a permanent part of my life (looking to emails or recipes or news in the internet, playing games, making a household book, planning holidays ect ect) to something it disgusted me to turn it on. And when I turned it on I do only the necessary things and turn it off direct.

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