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firefox app for windows 8

Mozilla Firefox app for Windows 8 – Review

Ever since I started browsing the Internet, Mozilla Firefox has always been my favorite browser of choice. I used it during the Windows XP days and I use it now, even on my  Windows 8.1. Well, the Firefox team is working on [...]

Firefox JonDoFox Privacy Extension

Keep Your Browsing Private With JonDoFox For Firefox

We have been covering privacy related software in our quest for best privacy provider for Windows operating systems. After a lot of research, we can conclude that best privacy system for Windows is one that combines one or more software [...]

self destructing cookies

10 best Firefox addons that you should start the year 2014 with

As the year 2014 starts, it’s time we overview the best add-ons that made a buzz. These Firefox addons and extensions will help you enhance the functionality of your web-browser. Best Firefox addons From making things more convenient, to cementing [...]

Import backup

Restore deleted Firefox Bookmarks & Favorites

I prefer Mozilla Firefox over Google’s Chrome. Recently, I managed to find one more reason to support my argument – Bookmark capability in Firefox. As you know, marked websites appear under the bookmarks menu in the Firefox menubar and allow [...]

show downloads

Download Panel Tweaks for Firefox Browser

The Firefox download panel displays sufficient information pertaining to the download in progress. Nevertheless, there are some apps that can help you enhance the functionality of the panel. If I can recall, Mozilla introduced a new download manager with Firefox 20. It was [...]


Reset Firefox settings to default in Windows 8 | 7

Firefox users are aware how their favorite browser tends to go slow, freeze or crash over a period of time. While one can always try and troubleshoot such Firefox Freezing or Crashing issues, if it does not work for you, [...]

password display

MaskMe: Create infinite number of email aliases & personal data

Data breach incidents are on the rise, be it being done by national spying agencies (referring PRISM) for security reasons or big businesses for tracking a potential customer’s behavior. Our lives are increasingly getting online so, the personal information we [...]


Disable Firefox Health Report feature in Windows 8

The more stable version of the Firefox web browser – Firefox 21 adds new options, including a new Firefox Health Report feature. The feature, at its core, provides Mozilla with information about the system, browser’s performance and stability over time. [...]

Firefox Privacy

Firefox 21 Features: New Security & Privacy settings

Firefox 21 has been recently released. The new version comes with improved security and privacy features and settings. In addition to it, there are some more amazing features available in the new improved version. In this post we may discus [...]


Stratiform : Ultimate Customization Add-On For Firefox

Firefox users may want to check out Stratiform, a customization add-on for the web browser that lets you modify your favorite browser settings with a few clicks. Stratiform, puts the power in the average user’s hands and lets him customize [...]

pdf viewer

Disable or Change the built-in PDF Reader in Firefox 19

Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox – Firefox 19 is out with modest set of features. The major change it sees is the incorporation of the most anticipated feature – built-in PDF viewer, PDF.js – which eliminates the need for third-party plugins [...]

Simulator Download

Run Firefox OS on Windows PC with Simulator

Firefox OS is a whole new Mobile OS developed by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project. The operating system does not come installed on any of the phones yet. But you can have a look at the OS, by simulating it on [...]

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