Full screen command prompt in Windows 7

In Windows 7 or Windows Vista, if you try to maximize the command prompt window, it will expand only to cover around half the screen. You will not be even able to drag and increase its size!

In Windows XP, after you open a command prompt, you could run the cmd in full-screen mode by clicking Alt+Enter, but if you try this in Windows Vista and later, you will get the following message: This system does not support fullscreen mode.

This happens because in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the  device drivers do not support running all of the DOS video modes. The device drivers are based on the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM).

You may be able to work around this problem by installing the Microsoft Windows XP version of the video drivers for your video adapter. But by doing this, while you may be able to to run full screen DOS programs, you may lose the ability to run Aero!

There is another workaround of sorts, being recommended on the Internet for this, if you want the cmd to fill your screen. But remember that it is NOT the full-screen command prompt as is understood in XP; it is only a maximized window!

Type cmd in start search box and right-click on the cmd shortcut which appears in the results. Select Run CMD as administrator.

Next, in the command prompt, type wmic and hit Enter.

Now try to maximize it!

Close it and again open it. It will open as a maximized window!

You may have to ensure that the Quick Edit Mode in the Options tab is checked.

Ofcourse, you could instead, also change its screen buffer size and window size, to achieve the same results!

If you want to reset the size back to normal defaults, right click the title bar and open Properties.

In the Layout tab, set Screen Buffer Size Width to 80,  Window Size Width to 80 and Window Size Height to 25. Click OK.

In Windows 7, there’s no such thing as a real full-screen window-less cmd! What this trick does is simply make the screen size big!

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  • Jeremy Roberts

    Can’t see a reason to want this personally but you could do either of the following.

    Run XP mode in full screen and then run a command line in full screen or select Safe Mode with Command Prompt (though the networking version seems to have disappeared) from the the boot options when you do an F8 at boot up.

  • sunny

    hey anand plz tell me how open turbo c++ in full mode in window 7.

  • Nomail

    good information. tnx

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  • Tanmay Patange

    how open turbo c++ in full mode in window 7.

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  • Hossk

    this is bullshit, because the only reason that someone could have for getting full screen from cmd is because of an application, in my case, i want to play SimCity 2000, i need fullscreen

  • Rujith Krishnan

    You don’t need to use turbo C++ now. Use turbo 4.5 or 5.5 OR Dev C++ Or Code::Blocks.

    The old C++ is outdated, dude.
    If you wanna see it in fullscreen…. Download dosbox from http://www.dosbox.com
    Also read the readme file(I don’t have time to actually write everything.
    So that allows us to see fullscreen in windows 7 and use Graphics.h
    I know that helps.

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  • Dray

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  • Dray

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  • 916253

    you know, rather than having to close the cmd, you can type ctrl+c to quit the wmic process, and then if you want it to look clean, type cls to clear all previous commands.

  • Zied

    tahnk you very much it was helpful

  • Grd

    WinKey + r
    » cmd
    » RightClick (icon LeftUpper)
    » Properties
    » Esquema
    » Window Size
    » – Width: ~170
    » – Height: ~50

  • Amit kumargunsara

    solution for dos box full screen in windows 7

    1. click hard disk c

    2. program files(X86)

    3. dos box

    4. DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat

    5. edit this code with following code


    6. save it
    7. close

    8. again open dos box nd you enjoy dos box in full screen.

  • Alan Carre

    Is this (below) not a “full screen command prompt under Windows 7″ ?


  • Biniam A.

    Thanks. I got this values for running MySql Commandline in fullscreen mode. Width=237, Height=82

  • erikkonstas

    Only on Professional and Ultimate editions!

  • erikkonstas

    DOSBox is not cmd!

  • Tomy

    Yes Data received

  • parag



  • Thyagraj R

    i have a permanent solution for this no need to change the setting and all u just check have you installed HD Graphic card software in add/remove program if it is installed pls uninstall the same and reboot the pc and check 100% it will work command promt full screen in windows 7

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