How to remove items from Frequent Places list from Windows 8 File Explorer

Windows 8 has brought a lot of new features in File Explorer. Someone was asking me the other day, about how to remove the Frequent places list from the File explorer in Windows 8. Frequent places are listed in Windows 8 File Explorer, when you click on the ‘File’ tab.


Looking at the screenshot, the first thing you might try is to click on ‘Delete History’ shown along with the Frequent places list, which provides options for clearing  Recent places list and the Address bar history.


If you try with ‘Recent places list’, it wont remove what we want to remove, ie the items in the ‘Frequent places’ list. Because Frequent places is not the same Recent places list. This Frequent places list is connected with the Jump lists properties.

For this, right-click on Taskbar , click on Properties for Taskbar Properties and click on ‘Jump Lists’ tab


Now uncheck ‘Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists’ and you will see ‘Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists’ turns to 0. Click Apply/OK.

You will see that the items in the list gets removed from File Explorer!


If you don’t want the List to be removed completely, you can just reduce or increase the ’Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists’, keeping the ‘Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists’  checked.

If you keep it checked but set the ’Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists:’ to 0, the list gets cleared for now, but will populate again and show the new list as you start using the File Explorer.

This is a small tip but will surely help those are confused as to how to go about clearing this ‘Frequent Places’ list.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Rlee

    Perfect solution! Thanks

  2. AZ

    that worked great! any tips on how to remove FREQUENT list that opens when you open a new tab in Internet Explorer?

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  6. You meant the Frequent Site list with Very active listed at first and less active in list? There’s ‘Hide sites’ option at end. If you dont want to show these at all, then Tools>Internet option>General>Click on ‘Tabs’ >When a new tab is opened, Open > Select >Blank Page >OK , Apply So next time you open a new tab, A blank page is opened

  7. Isaac

    Thanks. Perfect solution.

  8. Jack

    This doesn’t work for me. No matter how many times I clear the list by resetting it to zero, when I re-enable it to display two items, it repopulates the list until it again has an unwieldy and uselessly long number of entries.

  9. Máy Tính Cao Trào

    I don’t find task bar to right click and to show popup “Taskbar Properties”
    Help me! thanks so much

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    Thank you, worked like a charm

  16. SwahiliWizz

    For my Windows 8.1, the removal of “frequent places” works different to what you describe for Windows 8. For me, your first option (delete history, frequent places list) DOES clear the “frequent places” list, leaving the “jump list” of File Explorer untouched (not cleared).
    Also, the mouse-over popup text for “delete history, frequent places list” in my Windows 8.1 states:
    “delete the list of recent items and locations”.
    Translating this Microsoft “Windows-Speak”, this means this default Windows 8.1 command:
    1. deletes all items in “recent items” list;
    2. deletes all items in “recent places” list.

    Any explanation for my Windows 8.1 anomaly?

  17. vasudevG

    Hi SwahiliWizz, please check again…”Frequent places is not the same Recent places list.”
    When you click on ‘File’ in Explorer , the list you see is the Frequent
    places list.And this list is NOT related to ‘Delete History’ >
    Recent places list and so Frequent Places will not be cleared by
    clicking on ‘Recent places list’ button.

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    The taskbar is the bar at the very bottom of the screen. Still clueless?

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