List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

A Rootkit virus is a stealth type of malware that is designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs on your computer from regular detection methods, so as to allow it or another malicious process privileged access to your computer. Sometimes a rootkit may even fool your antivirus software and avoid being detected. It is at such times, that you may need to take help of special Rootkit Remover or Removal Tools.

Rootkit Remover

Here is a list of a few Rootkit Removers, most of which we have already covered on this site.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

Kaspersky TDSSKiller 400x365 List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows


Kaspersky Lab has developed the TDSSKiller utility for removing malicious rootkits. It is among the better rated anti-rootkit tools and can detect and remove most rootkits.

Bitdefender Rootkit Remover

bitdefender rootkit tool List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

The Bitdefender Rootkit Remover removes all known Rootkits. It is a portable tool that can be launched immediately, without needing to boot into Safe Mode first- although a reboot may be required for complete cleanup.

McAfee Rootkit Remover

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McAfee Rootkit Remover is ‘command-prompt-look-alike’ tool that can be used to detect and remove complex rootkits and associated malware. To run McAfee Rootkit Remover, navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded RootkitRemover.exe file. Run the tool as an  Administrator for best results. The tool has no UI.

Malwarebtytes Anti-Rootkit

Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit 400x337 List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is also a stand-alone portable tool that will help Windows users to detect and remove the nastiest malicious rootkits from their computers. Once you have downloaded the tool, you will have to extract the contents of the zipped file, and from the folder run mbar.exe.

Sophos Rootkit Removal Tool

sophos anti rootkit List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

Sophos Rootkit Removal Tool scans, detects and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer using advanced rootkit detection technology. Rootkits can lie hidden on computers and remain undetected by antivirus software. Although new rootkits can be prevented from infecting the system, any rootkits present before your antivirus was installed may never be revealed. You can download it here. This tool requires an installation.

Oshi Unhooker

Unhooker running 400x288 List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

Oshi Unhooker is a free rootkit scanner that scans and removes any hidden rootkit from your computer. Simply start the executable file and click on Start scan. With just a single click, Oshi Unhooker can identify and remove all the rootkits found on your PC and prevent them from stealing or sharing your private information.

avast! aswMBR Rootkit Scanner

avast anti rootkit windows 400x244 List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

avast! aswMBR is a free rootkit scanner that scans for TDL4/3, MBRoot (Sinowal), Whistler and other rootkits too.

Trend Micro RootkitBuster

trend micro rootkit buster 400x264 List of Free Rootkit Remover software for Windows

Trend Micro RootkitBuster is a free portable tool that scans hidden files, registry entries, processes, drivers, and the master boot. Trend Micro RootkitBuster can find rootkits by checking the Master Boot Record (MBR), Files, Registry entries, Kernel code patches, Operating system service hooks, File streams, Drivers, Ports, Processes and Services.

Do let us know if we have missed mentioning some other free rootkit removal tools.

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  • Samit Tandukar

    you can also add dr.web cure it…..

  • Anand Khanse

    Dr.Web CureIt! is not a standalone anti-rootkit tool. It is an on-demand malware scanner/remover

  • David Reid

    What about Oibit Advance System Care 6?

  • Samit Tandukar

    I know but since it also scans for rootkit so I thought it could be regarded as anti rootkit tool :)

  • Samit Tandukar

    its system optimization tool not anti-rootkit tool

  • David Reid

    360 Internet Security 2013 also has a rootkit remover but it is turned off by default. You will have to go to settings and check the box in the advance section.

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