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No matter what type of computer user you are, Office or home, you will accept the fact that our data is our life! So, keeping it safe is our top priority. Most of us archive  and backup the data regularly. Keeping backups of essential data is the single most effective method of preventing data loss on computer systems. If you do not like doing so, congratulations! You are a daredevil, but remember you are flirting with danger. Having said that, there are dozen different backup software we have tested or come across. Some really good options are available but no single program as “one-size-fits-all’.

Bitser is free Windows program for managing archives and backups. The software is similar in function to other file compression software like WinZip, 7-Zip, etc but boasts an alternative user interface. The program’s interface is built around the file system with explorer style views and features similar to those found in backup applications. Apart from providing the backup and archiving facility the tool is capable of offering a password manager and a MD5/SHA checksum calculator functionality to verify file identity.

Bitser Free Download for Windows

The program requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed on your computer. Windows 8 already has it installed. If you are using Windows 7 or lower version of Windows OS, you will be required to install this version of the software first. It is freely available from Microsoft’s website.

Install Bitser. Thereafter, select the ‘Create’ tab. Under ‘Archive’ module select a destination, format for creating self-extracting archive, compression level, etc and start creating compressed backups of your data. Blister is capable of extracting IP, 7Z, RAR, ISO, VHD, MSI, GZIP, BZIP2 and more and creating ZIP, 7-ZIP, EXE archives.

Blister Create tab

Once done, switch to the ‘Manage’ tab. The tab displays archives with source and destination folders, all from a single window. You can set this tab as the default tab at the start up.

Blister Manage

Reports tab shows history of archived files, parameters used and comparison of compression ratios, speeds, and sizes.

Blister Manage

Bitser also provides a password manager, MD5/SHA checksum calculator for verifying file integrity.

The last tab, ‘Options’ tab is of much use. It allows you to configure various options. For instance, you can search for/delete empty folders and calculate folder sizes from the Windows explorer context menu. Creating context menu is simple. Click on the ‘Add’ button under Option windows’ ‘Context menu’ description to the Windows Explorer right-click menu.

Bitser is also capable of creating encrypted backups of confidential data using AES-256 encryption. Just check the options from the window. Note that some changes will not take effect until the application is restarted.

If this looks interesting, you can download Bitser from here.

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