Customize, Change Theme color, Default font in Office 2013

I have been using latest version of the Office for a few months now. It makes me share some tips, every time I discover something new with the productivity suite that I am not aware of. In this topic we shall learn to change theme and font of Office 2013 documents. Let’s get started!

If you intend to change your current theme, switch to a different one, or create a new theme, you may find the Design tab in Word or the Page Layout tab in Excel as the right place to start.

Change Theme color in Office 2013

First off, open a new document, choose the ‘Designs’ tab, click the drop-down arrow of ‘Colors’ and pick the color of your choice.

Change Theme color in Office 2013

Now, if you would like to create your own set of colors, choose ‘Customize Colors’ option.

Next, from the customize colors window that opens up, click the button adjacent to the theme color of your choice (for example, Accent 1 or Hyperlink), and then pick a color under ‘Theme Colors’.

customize colors

For creating a customized or your own new color,  click ‘More Colors’ and pick a color on the Standard tab or enter numbers on the Custom tab.

Standard Colors

In the Name box, type a name for the new theme colors, and then click Save.

my color

Change default Font in Office 2013

For changing the default fonts click on the Design tab, then ‘Fonts’ and pick the font set you want.

Change default Font in Office 2013

For creating your own set of fonts, select the ‘Customize Fonts’ option.

Then, if the ‘Create New Theme Fonts’ box is displayed, choose desired fonts under the Heading font and Body font boxes.

color font

Next, as earlier, in the ‘Name’ box, enter a name, and click Save.

Save the Custom Theme for use in Office 2013

For this, click on the Design tab, click Themes > Save Current Theme.

Save current theme

In the File name box, enter a name for the theme, and click Save.

Set New Default Themes in in Office 2013

On the Design tab, click Set as Default.

You can follow the similar procedure using the Page Layout tab in Excel 2103.

Hope you enjoy the change!

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  • Danny

    This is exactly what I’m looking for, however, the ‘Colors’ option is grey-scaled and not an editable attribute when I select the ‘Design’ tab. Is there a checkbox during the Office 2013 install that has to be selected to make this option available? Please help. The ‘Dark Gray’ Theme is very light and hard to work in.

  • Taylor

    Is there a way to change the default “Save as” panel in Office 2013 applications?

    I find the default unnecessarily confusing with its “Current Folder” “Recent Folders” as opposed to the old fashioned Windows Explorer type folder and files tree.

  • Brian Bell

    Change IT with a @Telerik product: You can do anything with #Telerik #JustSayin #Office

  • HJ

    I got the default set in Word, how to make it apply to Excel? I can’t find a “set default” option.
    (Sooooo not a fan of Office 2013…especially the BLINDING white in Outlook, it’s absolutely horrid!)

  • Bob

    This is for Word not Office. Please change the title of the posting.

  • Dana Coffee

    Help! I got the perfect color theme for a mail out and now I can’t tell which one I used in order to apply it to the envelope. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!

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