9 useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has introduced some new keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer. Here is a list of 9 most useful IE keyboard shortcuts. While some may be new, some were available in earlier versions. These keyboard shortcuts are designed to streamline repetitive actions in IE.

keyboardshortcuts 9 useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+N : Gives focus to the notification bar. Also after alt+N, ‘Enter’ accepts first button in the bar, ‘Esc’ dismisses the bar

Ctrl+L : This shortcut will put the focus in the one box for navigating and will allow you to type an address without having to use the mouse.

Ctrl+W : This will allow you to close the current tab. You can undo this by clicking Ctrl+Shift+T

Ctrl+ (1 – 9) : Want to view a specific tab. Click ‘Ctrl + 1-9’ and it will go to that actual tab. Ctrl +9 always flicks to the last tab

Ctrl+E : It will put the focus in the one box allowing you to type for searches

Ctrl+Shift+N : This will pull the current tab you are viewing out into a new window

‘Ctrl +’ and ‘Ctrl –’ : Zoom in and out using this keyboard shortcut. Clicking ‘Ctrl 0’ will return default zoom settings

Ctrl+M : Switch to the IE window where you want the tab, use with Ctrl+Shift+M to move the tab you selected before into the current window

Ctrl+J : Use this shortcut to bring up the View Downloads window

Also check out more power tips for Internet Explorer. If you are looking for a full list of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts, you can download this free TWC eBook.

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