These free Windows 10 Yoga apps for beginners could help you change your life

Ideally, the word Yoga refers to the union of inner consciousness and the universal consciousness. Originating in India, the practice recommended practitioners to follow a complete yogic lifestyle involving a rigid discipline. Yoga got popularized in the west through the exercises (asanas) and the breathing practices (pranayama).

Free Yoga apps for beginners

While there are trained instructors and groups for those who wish to learn yogic exercises, most people are short of time to visit a center or park and practice it. Thus, we have compiled a list of Windows 10 apps which could assist you to work out Yoga at home.

1] Yoga & Health

Yoga and Health

I include the Yoga & Health app in the list out of personal experience. This software includes almost every Yoga pose, explained in a simple, yet clear manner.

The extensive app describes poses with images and also allows users to select a personalized routine. For those who wish to know what the poses are about and how they help, this application details all information related to the exercises and also explains the importance of each of them. Get the Yoga & Health app from the Microsoft Store here.

2] Yoga Academy

Yoga Academy

You might not need any trainer if you install the Yoga Academy app on your system. It has customized fitness schedules for every kind of trainee. The app covers courses from beginner to advanced level. The poses, as described in the app are precise and up to a point. The Yoga Academy app is available on the Microsoft Store.

3] Ramdev Yoga

Perhaps the best and most extensive Yoga app, Ramdev Yoga offers three free modules in its desktop app. The first module covers pranayama (breathing practices), the second covers sukshma vyayama (subtle yogic exercises), and the third covers the seven most complicated asanas.

The Ramdev Yoga app is the most downloaded yoga app on the Microsoft Store and comes in a light 1.5 MB package. The app involves practices created by Baba Ramdev, the world-famous yoga guru. You could download the app from the Microsoft Store here.

4] Yoga Sequence

The Yoga Sequence app claims to help users in building their internal fire. The software is designed specifically for westerners willing to learn and practice yogic asanas. It focuses on vinyasas, which are exercises that help the body in detoxification and improving flexibility.

The app has photographic instructions organized in a step-by-step format and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

5] Chakras Meditation

Yoga isn’t only for physical well-being, but also for mental well-being. The latter is covered by Yoga in the form of meditation, usually targeting the Chakras. Chakras are basically hypothetical energy circles which coincidentally coincide with the endocrine glands in the body, something modern science discovered recently.

This app is best used with high-quality speakers since the meditation procedure involves therapeutic yogic sounds which are as important as the position and process. Get the amazing app from the Microsoft Store here.

6] Back Pain Yoga

Ideal for those work for long hours while sitting on the same table and chair, the Back Pain Yoga app is a cure to the one tough problem the modern lifestyle has created – back pain.

Thanks to the corporate culture, we would find a lot of users who would actually need this app since back pain and similar ailments have become common. This app helps users understand the root cause of their back pain problem and work towards resolving it accordingly. If you wish to find the solution to this 21st-century problem with age-old asanas, try downloading this app from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Yoga For Meditation

Contrary to the name, the Yoga For Meditation app is less about meditation and more about stretching exercises. However, the way the poses and schedules are presented is worth considering a download.

One reason I like the app was that it has been customized for the western audience. The names of the poses and the way the schedules have been presented make it easy for westerners to understand and practice them. You could avail the app from the Microsoft Store.

8] Yoga Cure

Interestingly, the Yoga Cure app isn’t just about the asanas (poses and exercises), it helps users initiate towards a complete yogic lifestyle. The software has more to read about than to practice and it worth downloading only if you have the patience to pursue a lifestyle accordingly. I wouldn’t recommend the Yoga Cure is you are short of time and need quick advice. Go for it only if you are seriously interested in a yogic lifestyle and wish to pursue it for long-term. The Yoga Cure app could be downloaded from here.

9] Yoga Trainer

I would call Yoga Trainer the second most popular Yoga app after Baba Ramdev’s app. However, unlike the Ramdev app, this one is customized for the western audience. The number of downloads and the positive rating makes it obvious that people must have gained a lot from this application. If you wish to try the same, the app is available at the Microsoft Store here.

10] 20 Min Yoga Sessions20 minutes

While we check all these Yoga apps, we ignore the toughest part-time. While yogic masters recommend following a complete yogic lifestyle including proper discipline, most of would never get time to pursue the same. Hence, the 20 Min. Yoga Sessions app was created to help users finish their Yoga schedule within minutes.

Ideal for an early morning workout, the app easy, yet energetic exercises anyone could follow. Though the schedules are short, following them daily would help make a lot of difference to your life and health. You might want to check the software on the Microsoft Store.

Let us know your review of these apps in the comments.

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