Xbox One S turns on then off after just a few seconds

The Xbox One S is the second-best version of Microsoft video game console behind the Xbox One X. It’s affordable, and comes packed with a bunch of features even non-gamers will find pleasing. That doesn’t mean the system is perfect because nothing is ever perfect, right? Good. Now, we heard that quite a few owners of the Xbox One S have been experiencing an issue where the console turns off two seconds after turning on.

To be honest, that’s quite strange, and something we’ve never come across before. What we have here is a huge problem because an Xbox One S should never be automatically shutting down every two seconds after boot. Is this issue fixable? Well, it all depends. There’s a chance it can be solved, and then the other half chance the user might have to replace the system entirely. We can’t say for certain, so let’s talk about ways to get the issue under control before taking drastic actions.

Stop Xbox One S from shutting down automatically

Be sure to follow the steps closely in order to get the Xbox One S back to its regular working condition. That may or may not be possible, depending on the severity of the situation at hand.

1] Is the console overheating, as in, too hot?

One of the problems that could be causing the automatic shutdown every two seconds is a possible overheat. If the console is too hot, the system will, at times, refuse to turn on as expected.

To combat this problem, turn off the Xbox One for an hour, then move it to a well-ventilated spot in the house. Once that is done, reboot the system after the hour has passed.

Additionally, make sure the vents are not clogged with dust or blocked off by anything from the outside.

2] Reset the internal power supply

For those who were not aware, the Xbox One S comes packed with an internal power supply, the same as the Xbox One X.

To reset the power supply, simply unplug the power cord from the back of the console. Sit back and wait for around 10 seconds, then plug it right back in. After that, press the Xbox button on the console to get it up and to run.

Should nothing work, please ensure the power cable in use here, is official and not something created by a third-party.

3] Hold the power button down for 10 seconds or more

Another option is to reboot the console by pressing and holding down the power button on the device for up to 10 seconds or more. If that doesn’t work, then chances are the Xbox One S faulty, and as such, the owner must take it to a repairman or replace the unity entirely.

Depending on where you live, Microsoft can take a look at the Xbox One S. Not only that, but the company has the right folks to repair it in the best possible way.

Just visit the Device Support page, sign in to your Microsoft account, then submit your request.

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