Search for files and documents with Wise JetSearch; Better than default option

By now we should all know that Windows comes with its own built-in search feature, and, for the most part, it works great. However, it is slow and time consuming, which is one of the reasons Wise JetSearch as created. Wise JetSearch is a free local file search software for Windows PC.

The app is very intuitive and can search for any file or document in a variety of locations. It is not as feature rich as the search option in Windows 10, but we can say for certain that it finds whatever we were looking for at a faster rate than what Windows 10 in the current form has to offer.

Wise JetSearch for Windows PC

Wise JetSearch for Windows PC

The first time we searched for a file using Wise JetSearch, the app provided us with a list in less than 5-seconds. The file we wanted was at the top while others that are related to the name show up below. Compared to the official Windows 10 search option, this is miles better.

We like the fact that users can choose where to search to allow the app to locate files faster than when searching throughout the whole drive. Additionally, the accuracy is optimal, as we have never failed to locate the correct files once the words are spelt correctly.

There’s also a field where users can choose only to search for files with a particular extension and wildcards. When the app is not in use, Wise JetSearch morphs into a small rectangle that sits atop the screen. Once the user places the mouse cursor over this icon, it drops down with a search box in sight along with options to run Wise JetSearch when the computer starts, or to the run the quick search window.

The main downside here is the fact that Wise JetSearch is not very well documented, so users will find themselves scouring the Internet to locate information on certain aspects if they have no idea how to use them.

For example, the wild cards and the ability to search by extension might be a problem for some users.

When it comes down to the looks of the app, well, it is not attractive by any means, but such things do not take precedence over speed. Wise JetSearch is fast, and that is what truly matters here. If only Microsoft could come up with something like this, but the software giant probably won’t.

Windows has been around for decades, and up to this day, searching for a file is still a pain in the fingers. Maybe one day, but it won’t be today, and chances are it won’t be July 29.

Download Wise JetSearch for free here.

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