WindowTop lets you pin a window on top, make it dark or transparent

Windows are essentially everything that controls and contain our applications. And managing them sometimes becomes a tedious task. While doing some important work, you might open around 7-8 windows and constantly switch between them can become confusing. We cannot eliminate this confusion, but we can for sure improve the situation. WindowTop is a free utility for Windows that lets you pin an open window on top of others. You can control opacity, click through windows, enable Dark Mode & Shrink the open applications.

Manage open windows with WindowTop


As the name suggests, WindowTop lets you pin windows to the top of other opened windows. But not just that, it lets you control the transparency and even click through a transparent window. It also brings you an alternative to minimizing windows and it is called ‘Srink’. There is a special dark mode if you are using your laptop in dark or in low light.

The thing I liked the most about WindowTop is the seamless integration into Windows OS. You might not even notice that WindowTop is installed and working until unless you point to the title bar. You will notice a small downwards arrow button, you can click it to open the toolbar of features. Here are the options that the toolbar has to offer.

Control Opacity

Enabling this will give you control over a window’s opacity. You can adjust it by moving the slider and a wide range is available. You can even check the checkbox below to enabled click through. Click through will make that window just a visible piece of information, any clicks or mouse actions made will be transferred to the underlying applications. This feature comes handy when you want to type something from another window that does not support copying or an image maybe.

WindowTop lets you pin a window on top, make it dark or transparent

Set on Top

This is a pretty basic and primary feature of this tool. Enabling it will make a window always stay on top of other windows. You can even enable ‘Set Top’ on more than one windows and it will work completely fine.

Shrink to Desktop

This is an alternative to minimizing your windows. You can shrink them into a small square box and drag it anywhere on the screen. To open that application, just click the square icon and you are good to go. Shrink is a very useful feature to declutter your computer from open windows.

Set Dark Mode

This is a pretty cool feature that can give a night/reading mode to all your applications. Enabling it will instantly change the color scheme of that window to a dark setting. The usage of high contrast and dark colors makes it easier to read on laptop and desktop screens. This feature is a must try if you read a lot on your computer.

WindowsTop lets you pin a window on top, make it dark or transparent

These four features are pretty useful and can help you a lot. Apart from these, you can manage a few other things from the system tray WindowTop icon. You can enable the settings to start WindowTop automatically when your computer starts. You can also enable hotkeys to instantly enable/disable settings. Moreover, you can disable the toolbar and use the tool entirely with hotkeys. There are customizations available for toolbar too.

All in all, it is a great tiny little tool to have on your computer. It comes in both portable and installer format and is differently available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

Click here to download WindowTop. It’s a 4.2MB download.

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  1. I’m happy with the WindowTop utility. It works great and I think is quite useful. I went ahead and bought the Professional Version. I think it’s a good investment. 🙂

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