Windows Inspection Tool Set: Inspect, analyze, monitor your Windows system

Windows Inspection Tool Set as the name implies is a program that analyzes your Windows system. It helps you getting the important information about your computer. Although it doesn’t offer any information which you can’t find by yourself, the good point is that this monitoring tool combines all necessary information in one tidy package.

The intuitive interface of the program helps you in checking the active processes, available network connections, users, and all other information about the drives in your system. The main overview displays five tabs- System, Security, File System, Network and Events.

Windows Inspection Tool Set

Windows Inspection Tool Set

Under System you can view the operating system, CPU, processes running, modules and drives of your system. The tool allows you to look at the running processes of your system which you can also check from your Windows Task Manager but then again, WITs gives all information at one place.

The Security tab gives information about the local users and log-on sessions.

The File System shows the drivers along with the local and remote shares.

The Network module gives you details about your network connections at a single glance, network interface and also details about any connections which might currently be open.

Under the Events tab you will get the detailed information about WiTS Event Monitor and event log. It shows what all is happening to various aspects of your computer system, however Windows Event Viewer does that well enough.

Windows Inspection Tool Set displays the information in a table form which makes the things more understandable.

Other features of Windows Inspection Tool Set include:

  • Offers the user command line for running external as well as internal commands on your system.
  • Displays a filtered view of Windows components with flexible user defined filters.
  • Event Monitor shows what’s happening to various aspects of your system.
  • Provides quick access via the taskbar and hotkeys
  • Cross-links proved easy navigation
  • Optional logging of all events to a file

All these in-built features of WITs are available in a very clear interface. The tool is very useful to get the detailed information of your computer system, though some of its modules provide less than what you get with Windows.

You can download WiTS from SourceForge. It comes in the form of a self extracting setup program and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. And yes, remember to opt out of any third-party offers, if any are made.

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