Windows Firewall Notifier allows you to handle outgoing connections easily


  1. Hmm. Finally…

    …something which makes the Windows Firewall one-fifth (up from one-tenth) as good as nearly any other firewall… even the free ones.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. IMO, Windows 7 Firewall Control (which does the same thing) is easier to use–hence, more likely to be used, so ultimately more useful.

  3. I noticed that WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) does not require the restart of an application when a new rule is made. This is a huge plus point – especially during install of new applications. Windows 7 Firewall Control requires one to restart applications which can be a real pain, especially during installs. I like WFN a lot – but still need to work my way through too many notifications for all sorts of outbound Windows stuff – which I assume I should disallow, since they are disallowed by default in Windows, and I presume that is why WFN notifies me.

  4. Constantly locks up, and doesn’t let you allow the application most of the time (button on the pop-up does nothing or is disabled.) You can’t change a rule through the log either. Very frustrating when it also freezes your networked application. You can see the port that’s blocked, but you can’t double click it to allow the transfer.

    I was hoping this would make server-setup easier by telling me what’s blocked and letting me simply click an “always allow” button to set the ports up. Opening all ports, in and out, out of shear frustration is NOT the safe thing to do.

    (Win7x64, 8Gb ram, 3.0Ghz dual core, 100Mbps ISP)

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