Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1/10


  1. Morons they are still removing desktop features and adding crappy apps no one wants. I will pass on 8.1 after what I say in the horrible preview. If Microsoft is not careful, they may end up losing their desktop monopoly as well.

  2. @Author [And Viewers] Be careful your spelling. The command is “WinSAT Formal -reset” not “Format” I saw a few other errors, but that was the critical one to run the index.

  3. Wow, wasn’t even aware this was missing in Windows 8.1 until I decided to see if my new SSD hit 7.9 in the WEI. Oh well, certainly not the end of the world. 3DMark and Heaven Benchmarks are the most reliable performance benchmarks I’ve seen.

  4. UGH. I literally just installed a SSD and wanted to see what my WEI jump would be. I searched and searched and could not find the WEI. At least finding this article stopped me from going crazy.

  5. anyway, it’s just a benchmarking tool. As I upgraded to 8.1, some bugs in 8.0 were removed specially driver conflict in Triple monitor when using Nvidia on-board graphics combined with PCI-e graphics. They also removed the wddm v1.2. In short, 8.1 is much better in rendering a Triple monitor without degrading PC performance. sad to say, I wasn’t able to benchmark the graphic performance because the windows experience index is already gone in w 8.1.

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