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Windows Error Message Creators & Generator to create error boxes & screens

Error messages and dialogs are an essential component of an operating system. And Windows manages to do it pretty well. There are a lot of error codes and their descriptions available that you can easily make out what is the actual underlying problem.

Create Windows error messages & screens

Did you know that you could create these error messages yourself? Yes, and that too without any actual operation happening background. You can easily pull a trick on your colleagues and friends by showing them some fake error messages and dialogs. In this post, we’ve covered a few Windows as well as Web applications that let you generate fake error messages and screens.

Windows Error Message Creator

The tool is in resonance with its name. You can actually generate real-looking error messages and dialogs using this tool. Windows Error Message Creator is a small portable Windows application that you can carry in your USB drive. Plug it in and create an error message on any computer. The tool offers a variety of options to create an error message. All the message box and dialogs are stock Windows style, and no one can actually make out whether they are for real or not.

You can create a standard message box by choosing its type from a lot of options available. You can create an informatory, exclamatory, error, yes/no and other types of the message box. Then you can enter the content, like the title of the dialog and the text it should display. Other than that there is also an option available to create a customized message box. Customized message boxes, as the name suggests can be completely customized. You can enter the text it should display, what kind of buttons it should have and what icon should it place. Make sure you make an original looking message box to haunt your friends.

Another amazing feature of this tool is that it lets you create format dialogs and blue screen errors as well. Imagine yourself playing a trick on your friend my creating a fake format dialog on his favorite movie collection. That can be pretty horrifying. Or you could create a blue screen error and to help you with it; the program comes with a built-in list of blue screen errors and their descriptions.

To create a Format Dialog box, click Create > Format Dialog and fill in the reuired details.

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To use the BSOD Creator, click on Create > BSOD and select the error code, etc.

If you are looking for a robust tool that can create error dialogs identical to default ones, undoubtedly go for Windows Error Message Creator. If you want to generate error messages from your script or batch file, then you can download the command line version of Error Message Generator.

Click here to download Windows Error Message Creator.

Error Message Generator

Error Message Generator is a similar Windows application that lets you create error messages and dialogs. It is simpler than Windows Error Message Generator and comes with fewer options. You can customize title, message text, and even buttons. And there are a variety of message icons to choose from. You can choose a yellow exclamation mark, red alert icon and much more. There are a few other advanced options available as well. You can create a resizable dialog or make an error message coming back automatically if closed. The tool works pretty well, but the error dialogs generated are not cosmetically similar to the default Windows errors. So, there is a chance someone may find out that this is a fake error message.

Click here to download Error Message Generator.

Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher’s Error Message Generator is a simple web application that lets you generate error dialogs in Windows 98 and Windows XP style. You can choose icons from an extensive gallery and also customize message text.

Click here to go to Atom Smasher’s Error Message Generator. So, these were a few Error Message Creators.

Online Windows Error Generator

Cool online error generator is another web application that lets you create Windows error dialog boxes. Simply fill in the details, pick an icon and hit the Generate Error button and you are good to go. Check it out here.

Bloggers and writers are sure to find these error creator tools useful, as they can help them create dialog boxes and error screens for the post they are writing.