Windows computer boots to the BIOS every time I turn it on

Some of the users have told us that their Windows computer boots to the BIOS automatically every time they turn it on. Even if they exit the BIOS and restart, it again boots into the BIOS. In this post, we will look at possible solutions that can help you resolve the problem.

Windows computer boots to the BIOS every time I turn it on

Windows computer boots to the BIOS every time

When a Windows 10 PC boots, it goes through a lot of steps. One of the steps is where it checks for any hardware issue, including hard drives, peripherals, and external devices. If there is any problem, the computer halts the boot process.  Let’s take a look at potential solutions:

  1. Check Peripherals and external devices
  2. Set proper Boot Device
  3. Reset BIOS
  4. Check for any pressed key.

Make sure to have a secondary computer to test existing hardware devices.

1] Check Peripherals and external devices

Try removing any external drives, devices, keyboard, and even mouse. It is possible that you may have changed the keyboard which works fine on another computer, but doesn’t let you boot on another computer. If you have an old keyboard, try it.

2] Set Proper boot device

If the Boot Manager doesn’t find a proper boot device, then it will open the BIOS. When in BIOS check if there is an appropriate boot device available. It should be available under the Boot priority section.

If you cannot find your hard drive or SSD listed under boot device, then you need to change your hard drive. Check if it’s plugged-in correctly and that it works in another computer.

If it works fine on another computer, there could be something wrong with your motherboard. In that case, check with your vendor for a proper solution.

3] Reset BIOS

Take out the CMOS battery for a few seconds, and put it back again. Once done, restart the computer and it should boot into Windows directly. It will also remove any password set for BIOS. You may have to change your CMOS battery if it doesn’t work. Reset the BIOS settings if you need to.

4] Check for any pressed key

It might sound bit childish, but check if you have the F2 or F12 or Del key is pressed. These hardware keys are usually set by OEM to boot into the BIOS.

We hope these tips help you resolve the issue and the computer boots to Windows. You may also check with the support team of the motherboard vendor or from where you have bought the laptop.

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