Windows cannot find a system image on this computer

If you are using a System Image that has been created by Windows Backup and Restore Tool, and using it restore your computer and you receive an error message – Windows cannot find a system image on this computer, then this post may be able to help you.

Windows cannot find a system image on this computer

Windows cannot find a system image on this computer, Attach the backup hard disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set and click Retry. Alternatively, close this dialog for more options.

You have the choice to Retry or Cancel the operation when you encounter this issue.

Windows cannot find a system image on this computer

This can occur if the name of the WindowsImageBackup folder or any of the sub-folders has been changed. It can also occur if they have gone missing or are corrupted. Here are our recommended fixes:

  1. Move the WindowsImageBackup folder.
  2. Checking the WindowsImageBackup folder’s sub-folders.
  3. Isolate the System Image File.
  4. Rename the System Image Folder
  5. Remove all the unwanted Sub-folders.
  6. Use Command Prompt in Repair Mode.

1] Move the WindowsImageBackup Folder

As per the functioning of the System Restore utility, the WindowsImageBackup folder must be stored in the root of the volume it is store in.

So for instance, if the WindowsImageBackup folder is stored in C:\Backups\System Restore Backups\New, you must move it to the following location: C:\

2] Check the WindowsImageBackup folder’s sub-folders

The nomenclature of files and folders plays a crucial role in restoring a computer from a System Restore point. So, in case you have modified the names of any files or folders inside of the WindowsImageBackup folder, you need to set the defaults.

Check if that fixes your issues.

3] Isolate the System Image File

If stored on a USB Storage drive along with a number of System Restore images, then it that can be a cause for this issue.

All you need to make sure is that the System Restore image that you wish to restore from, is the only one present in the root of the USB Storage.

4] Rename the System Image Folder

If you renamed the System Image Folder, you are in trouble.

The System Restore utility on Windows 10 looks out for a folder named WindowsImageBackup.

So, in case you renamed this folder, name it back to WindowsImageBackup.

5] Remove all the Sub-folders

The WindowsImageBackup folder must be left alone and should not be meddled with. So, in case you are storing some foreign files inside that WindowsImageBackup folder, remove them as soon as possible and return it to its default state.

6] Use Command Prompt in Repair Mode

First of all, while you are in the Repair Mode, open up the Command Prompt command line and hit the following command,

dir <Partition Letter>

Once you have found the WindowsImageBackup in any of these partitions, just hit the following command,

dir <Parition Letter>\WindowsImageBackup /s

This will show you up all the contents on the folder exceeding 10 Gigabytes in total size. Now you can check and confirm the integrity of the folder, and if the integrity is violated, then there is some serious problem.

Did these fixes help you?

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