Prevent Windows 10 from updating using Kill-Update

Windows Updates are rolled out routinely by Microsoft to update its software & OS. Microsoft regularly releases the patches and fixes as part of maintenance service in order to fix some known security vulnerabilities, bugs and other issues. These Windows 10 Updates are mandatory which are automatically installed to ensure that your Windows PC is running the latest security patches. Users have less command over these forced updates and many a time we prefer to manually set the updates and patches.

Prevent Windows 10 from updating

Many users are unhappy with the automatic updates which cause hindrance to the routine workflow that automatically installs the update. It is even more annoying when the system installs a troublesome update patches. In Order to postpone the installation of an update service for a particular time, one may have to use a metered connections or use group policy editor to potentially stop the forceful updates during the crucial business hours. Of all the solutions available to postpone the forced update, the only straight forward way of preventing Windows 10 from forceful updates is by using an application program called Kill-Update. While you can manually turn off Windows Updates, this application makes things easier.

The Kill-Update application program is loaded as soon as the user logs in the system. The program scans every 10 seconds for the Windows update service patches and packs. If the update services are available, the Kill-Update program automatically disables the update service. The users can prevent Windows system from upgrading with the help of this application and can even manually disable the application program whenever your system is free and ready for an upgrade.

In this article, we explain how to use the Kill-Update program in your Windows system to prevent Windows 10 from updating as well as how to manually upgrade windows during convenient hours by disabling the program.

Use Kill-Update to prevent Windows 10 from updating automatically

Kill-Update is a free program that can help you prevent Windows 10 from updating. You can control the timing and manually update Windows 10 at hours convenient to you by disabling the tool with a click.

Download the Kill-Update application from GitHub and run the program as an administrator. The Kill-Update icon will appear in the taskbar.

Right click on the Kill-Update icon and check the option with Load at startup to load the application as soon as the user logs in.

Now check the option Locked to prevent Windows from upgrading.

To close the program click on Exit option in the Kill Update icon at the taskbar.

Disable Kill-Update to update Windows 10

Users can manually disable the application program whenever your system is free and ready for an upgrade.

Right click on the Kill-Update icon and uncheck the option which says Locked.

Prevent Windows 10 from updating using Kill-Update

Navigate to Windows Settings and go to Updates and Security.

Check for the latest updates to install on your computer.

That’s all.

Win Update Stop and StopUpdates10 are similar tools you may want to take a look at.

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  1. Shovy Handle

    Forgive me to ask but where is the executable file in the Kill-Update zip we download? I’m sorry but I don’t see how to launch it…

  2. Mr__Roboto

    Unzip the zip file (de-compress) and the executable will be contained within that zip file.

  3. Oleh Savchuk

    you know what? I consider myseld a Web developer, used to be in programming. But I can not find any executable in that ZIP. Only .bat and they seem to be useless.

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