WiFi Profile Manager: View Preferred Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8/10

In the previous versions of Windows you could see the list of wireless networks you had previously connected to, change the order in which these Preferred Networks connected when more than one of them were available, as well as add or remove the Preferred Networks from this list. You could do so via Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks.

View Preferred Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8/10

Up to Windows 7, previously connected wireless networks were saved and viewable via the Preferred Wireless Network List, but this feature seems to have been removed in Windows 8. Microsoft probably  removed it as they have added a supposedly smart feature, that handles wireless profiles by how much you connect to it. While one can always still natively view the wireless network profiles in Windows 10/8, it would be nice if we had a freeware to do it quickly now, wouldn’t it?

With this background, we mind, we thought of releasing WiFi Profile Manager – a freeware that will help you continue to perform the same functions the same way.

WiFi Profile Manager for Windows 10/8



WiFi Profile Manager is a simple tool to view your Preferred Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 10/8. This tool tries to replace the functionality of the Wi-Fi Preferred Network dialog box.

Over time, if you connect to a lot of different wireless networks, this list can get pretty large and at times you may wish to remove unnecessary wireless profiles, especially if these networks were public Wi-Fi at the local fast-food spot and you don’t want your laptop connecting automatically to it again.

WiFi Profile Manager lets you:

  1. View the Preferred Network Profiles
  2. Change list order
  3. Export to XML
  4. Import from XML
  5. Remove Profiles

Do note that you are still able to create Network Profiles via Control Panel\ All Control Panel Items\ Network and Sharing Center\ Setup a new connection or network\ Manually connect to a wireless network.


WiFi Profile Manager has been developed by me for The Windows Club. Donations made go to me and not to The Windows Club.

Download the tool and run it as an administrator. It has been designed with Windows 8 in mind, but will run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 as well.

NOTE: It appears that this freeware works for some but not for others. I have tried it and it worked for me – Admin.

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