Why not to use a Pirated copy of Windows 10

Microsoft was very strict on Genuine Copies of Windows a decade ago.  Many consumers used to run Windows with crack, i.e., a pirated copy of Windows because it wasn’t affordable. However, in the past few years, Microsoft went soft on this. The first step the software giant did was to offer everyone a free upgrade of Windows 10. So even when one was running non-genuine copy, one could manage to get a free upgrade – these would, however, continue to remain non-genuine That free offer is now gone, and consumers have started looking for Windows 10 with crack. In this guide, we are sharing why it’s not a good idea to use Pirated copy of Windows 10

Disadvantages of pirated Windows 10

Pirated copy of Windows 10

So assuming you are running Windows 10 with crack, here are the drawbacks.


It’s illegal. No one should use a pirated copy of Windows. While consumers may escape, Businesses have no excuse if caught.

It is possible that someone can give you a Windows Key for cheap. It could be a genuine key. However, depending on what type of key your Windows could get deactivated in a couple of months. Also if the key was a general key and not legit, your Windows will deactivate after some time.

Crippled Windows 10 Updates

When Microsoft servers recognize that the copy of Windows is not genuine, the updates could be crippled. You may not get it at all, especially security updates. The updates make sure your computer is safe from viruses, ransomware and other programs which can steal data from you. It’s better to use Windows 10 without Activation. You may not get some features, but getting Windows Updates will not be a problem.

Pirated copy of Windows can do more harm

Many computer shops offer preinstalled Windows 10. It is possible that these copies are preloaded with software that can track everything you do on the computer. That’s a real danger! It is also possible that these PCs may get fake updates further compromising the laptop and data. The likelihood of your computer getting infected with malware is very high!

Some Apps & Services will not work

If you depend on Microsoft services, it is best to get a genuine copy. When a non-genuine version is found, it is possible that Microsoft can block access to all these. If you use a Microsoft account, it can get into trouble as well. Microsoft to actively look for any pirated software and then disable it. It’s part of their license agreement in Windows 10.

No Microsoft Support

Microsoft offers support for Windows. But if they find out that your copy of Windows 10 is not genuine, you will no longer get any help.

So make sure you buy a genuine copy of Windows or just run it without activation. Just download the Windows 10 ISO, and install it on your computer. But never let anybody install a pirated copy of Windows 10 on your computer.

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