Which folders can be added to the Windows Library?

In Windows 7, you can include folders in a Library from many different locations, such as your computer’s C drive, an external hard drive, or a network. The primary requirement for a new library location is that the content in that location is indexed or is able to be added to the Windows Search index.

Folders than can be added to Windows Library

If the local location that is being added to the library is not already an indexed location, it will be added to the list of indexed locations.

It may take some time for this content to appear in the library after being added because it must first be indexed for it to appear.

1. If your folder is stored on your C (System) drive; Yes – it can be included in a library!

2. If the folder is situated on an external hard/USB drive, then it will be available only as long as the drive is connected and the device appears in the navigation pane.

3. Folders located on a removable media like a CD or DVD, cannot be added.

4. If the folder is situated in a network, it can be added as long as the network location is indexed or has been made available offline. If the network folder is not indexed, an easy way to index it is to make the folder available offline. You can then include it in a library.

5. If the folder is situated on a different computer in your HomeGroup; Yes – it can be included in a library!

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