How to Add or Remove folders in a Library in Windows 10

To improve and enhance the working experience of users, Windows 10 allows folders from different locations in the Windows Library to be viewed and accessed from a single place. For instance, if you keep some audio/video content on an external hard drive or a shared folder on your network, you can include it in any of the default folders of the Windows 10 Library. In this post, let us learn the method of adding a folder to the Library in Windows 10.

Add or Remove folders in Windows Library

Windows 10 Explorer

Library in Windows 10 can be defined as a virtual collection of folders on a system. Virtual because it does not exist as a real folder. By default, Windows 10 comes with the following as Libraries:

  1. Camera Roll
  2. Documents
  3. Music
  4. Pictures
  5. Saved Pictures
  6. Videos.

Libraries are also is pinned to the navigation pane. If you would like to add more folder to the Libraries, follow the steps given below. Windows 10 allows the addition of up to 50 locations to a Library.

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First method

Open the Libraries folder using File Explorer. Next, right-click a library and select Properties in the context menu. If Libraries is no t visible under File Explorer, press the Win + R keys and type shell:Libraries into the Run box and hit Enter.

In Properties, click on the Add button seen on the right-hand side to browse to a location and add it to the library.

In the next dialog, browse for a folder and select the Include folder button to add to the library.

Second method

Similarly, you can add a folder to a Library via Manage Library dialog, readily accessible through the Ribbon menu.

Select the desired library in the Libraries folder.

Next, under the ‘Ribbon’ menu, navigate to the Manage tab visible under Library tools

After that, click on the Manage library button on the left.

Then, in the next dialog, add the folder/s of choice using the buttons adjacent to the folder list.

Third method

Then there is another simple way. Open File Explorer and navigate to the location which includes the folder you want to add to the Library. Now right click on it and select Include in library > Create new library.

Add or Remove folders in Windows Library

Open Libraries folder and you will see it there.

To remove a library folder, simply right-click on the library folder and select Delete.

Hope this helps!

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