Fix: Unable to open Libraries in Windows 10

Many of us are still trying to get used to the new Windows interface, so I decided to add some extra Libraries in addition to the default ones, for easy access. I went and right-clicked on Library and clicked on New.

Windows Libraries will not open

Windows Libraries will not open

I then added a couple of Music folders, Video & my Ebook collections. Everything was working fine. One fine day they just stopped working. When I click on Library, nothing used to happen. I was perplexed. In this case, some may even receive a library-ms is no longer working message.

library-ms is no longer working

I went to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\All Categories and clicked on System Maintenance.


I clicked on Advanced and unchecked Apply Repair Automatically, because I wanted to know what changes were going to be applied. I ran it and applied the recommended fixes. I rebooted the system. Then I tried to access Libraries again. It still did not work.

Restore Defaults libraries

Then I remembered something I did long back on Windows 7. I went and deleted all the custom ones and default ones except Documents since that was the only one which was working fine. I right-click on Library and clicked on Restore Defaults libraries.


I then tried again and found that it had started working. Maybe the step restored all the settings.

Anyhow, everything is working as it should now. I hope you find this tip helpful. Let us know if this tip helped you fix the issue on Windows 10/8/7.

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  1. James Salcedo

    THANK YOU!!! I had this problem and was stumped, but everything’s better now!

  2. abiola

    thanks it did worked thumbs up for helping you made google better

  3. rtewe

    It still doesnt work for me..

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