What is GTK+Runtime Environment? Does your computer need it?

GTK+ is a runtime environment that applies to a number of operating systems. If you create an interface for a program, GTK runtime should be installed on the users’ computers so that the program runs. Most computer manufacturers do not pre-install the cross-platform runtime environment, so the users have to personally install the GTK+ Runtime Environment so that your software works as intended.

You, as a software developer, can incorporate the whole GTK runtime environment into your software. That way users need not face difficulty in using the computer program you created. You might have experienced similar issues with program distribution kits.

GTK+ Runtime Environment

GTK+ Runtime Environment

A long program or software means a waste of resources. A program or software becomes long if it tries to include all the software library runtime files. Most software developers, simply create a program with just the modules needed. Then the remaining ones are managed as a different software and are converted into the runtime environment.

You might have been through the experience where when installing some software, it first asks for some C++ or VC++ Distribution Kit Install. In the same way, GTK+ Runtime Environment creates an environment where the user interfaces can work without any problem on different types of computer platforms.

GTK+ Architecture

There are four fundamental libraries that form the GTK+ runtime environment, required for your GTK applications. They are:

  1. GLib
  2. Cairo
  3. Pango and
  4. ATK

GLib is an essential library that handles data structures, based on C Language.

Cairo is used to providing support for 2D graphics that need to stay consistent on different operating systems. It also makes use of hardware acceleration wherever possible.

Pango is a code library for designing layouts. The focus here is on cross-platform usability.

ATK is a library file that contains a set of interfaces for accessibility reasons. The ATK tool helps software developers in viewing source code on a range of devices and toolkits.

GTK+ Runtime Environment is free to use, modify, and reuse commercially and you can download it from gtk.org.

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