Watch Star Wars in Windows 10/8/7 using an old trick

You can unlock an old hidden trick on your Windows computer. Fans of tricks on Windows operating systems will doubtlessly be aware of being able to watch Star Wars movie in ASCII using the Telnet service. Despite the trick being well known in earlier versions of Windows, if you’ve been trying to find it in Windows Vista and later versions, you may have ended up a little lost. The reason is that by default Telnet is turned off.

The Telnet Client is used to connect to a remote machine by using the Telnet protocol. It allows a computer to connect to a remote Telnet server and run applications on that server.


To enable Telnet, go to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off, then select Telnet Client check-box and click OK. You do not need to check the Telnet Server box.

Switching them on takes a little time, so be patient. Once its switched on, you will see a message Windows completed the requested changes.  Close the window.

ASCII Star Wars on Telnet in Windows

Now from Start Search type Telnet and hit Enter for the telnet.exe result.

In the window which opens, type o (small O) and hit Enter. Next type and hit Enter.

Star Wars in Windows

Sit back and enjoy your own personal rendition of an ASCII version of Star Wars.

Star Wars in Windows telnet

Do remember to turn off, Telnet Client, after you are done seeing the animation, if you don’t need it anymore.

Take a look at some of these interesting Telnet tricks.

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  1. Andrey de Oliveira

    This is not a Windows trick, is old internet trick and works in every place with a telnet client installed, including iPhone and Android. and you don’t need enable telnet SERVER in your machine to watch this.

    Only telnet client is needed and you can use PuTTy too instead of Microsoft Telnet client. Don’t enable telnet server, even to test!

  2. why not? is it unsafe? also, do you know, or anybody else, how long is the animation?

  3. Andrey de Oliveira

    You can install the TELNET CLIENT safely. The telnet server is not required to watch the animation and installing it you will be opening ways to access your machine remotely. And a bad guy can explore that, if configured incorrectly.

    I do not remember how long the animation, but worth watching.

  4. I already had telnet client enabled before reading this post and yes, it worked, so no need for the server.

  5. Thanks. Post updated. Mentioned that one needs to enable Telnet Client only.

  6. Yes, as Andrey de Oliveira wrote, here…

    …PuTTy 0.63 works fine.

    SEE |

    No activation of anything in Windows is necessary. Just launch PuTTy; and then,

    in the “Host Name (or IP address)” field, type:

    then change the “Connection type” radio button to “Telnet” and that’s it. Change nothing else. At that point, just click on the “Open” button and enjoy the show.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
    Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

  7. Anhtonpro


  8. Sylvestor

    I think it is you who qualify to be a dummy! 😀 It woks on Windows 8.1 too!

  9. Renato

    worked on telnet. didnt try on putty though…

  10. Jimmy

    What do I do if it says it failed to connct to Port 23??

  11. Ashton Whitcomb

    me too – what gives?

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