Telnet Tricks to play Chess, get Weather information and watch Star Wars

Telnet is one of oldest network protocols that was used in early days to send and receive information from one computer to another. Although some other features of Windows have received improvements, the Telnet has not improved much over the years. In other words, it still supports text-only. Since this feature is not used much, Microsoft Windows users need to enable this feature. Here are some Telnet tricks to watch Star Wars, play Chess and get weather information.

Enable Telnet on Windows 10

To enable Telnet on Windows, you need to open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. Scroll down and find “Telnet Client.”

Telnet tricks to watch Star Wars, play Chess, get weather information

Select the checkbox and hit the OK button and wait for the Windows Feature to be activated.

Telnet tricks

Having done this, you can follow the following guides to watch Star Wars, play chess, and get weather information.

1] Play Chess using Telnet

telnet tricks

From Start Search type Telnet and hit Enter for the telnet result. After opening it, type o (small letter of O) and then type 5000 next to (to).

After hitting the Enter button, you need to enter a username. Then you can find some players with their rankings. After settings it up, enter play [digit] and hit Enter. You can get the number right on your screen.

2] Telnet trick to get weather information

If you want to know the weather forecast for a particular city open Telnet on your Windows computer, first type o and hit Enter and then enter next to (to).

Following that, you have to enter the city code. The drawback of this trick is there is no particular city code guide available for you when you are using it for the very first time. However, you can try NYC for New York, DEL for Delhi and so on.

3] Watch Star Wars using Telnet

From Start Search type Telnet and hit Enter for the telnet result. After opening it, type o (small letter of O) and then type next to (to).

Now, sit back and relax since you are about to watch Star Wars right on your screen. Using this method, you will be able to watch ASCII Star Wars on Telnet in Windows.

Hope you find these little tricks interesting.

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