VueMinder Calendar Lite makes for a powerful Calendar program

Not everyone wants to use the calendar software provided by Microsoft for Windows 10, and that’s why we’re happy that Microsoft continues the tradition of keeping every version of the operating system open. We can choose any software we want to use, and one of those software is no other than VueMinder Calendar Lite. We came across this tool a few days ago and have been using it since. It supports multiple calendars, all of which can be distinguished using different colors.

VueMinder Calendar Lite

VueMinder Calendar Lite

VueMinder Calendar Lite is one of the best free calendar programs available for Windows.

The program is quick to download and easy to install. It does require Microsoft. NET Framework version 3.5. If you prefer iCalendar, then VueMinder Calendar Lite is capable of exporting and importing to and from. Basically, this is the PC-based companion to Google Calendar due to how everything is set out here.

We also like the fact that we can create our own calendars, which is overlaid into a day, week, and month views. The options are there to filter events by color and other options. Not to mention, should you need it, Calendars can be saved as HTML pages for publication on the web.

Here’s the list of features of the free Lite version:

  1. Sync with Google Calendar
  2. Subscribe to web calendars
  3. Attach files to events
  4. Import and export to ics files
  5. Save calendars as web pages
  6. Backup and restore data
  7. Overlay multiple calendars
  8. Add background images to dates
  9. Includes a formatted text editor.

Here’s the problem with VueMinder Calendar Lite: it doesn’t work as well as it should. We came across problems where we attempted to add events multiple times and ended up having to use the Task Manager to close the program. These problems happened with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software, and that’s a problem.

You can download VueMinder Calendar Lite from its home page.

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