VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber lets you rip audio files

Gone are the times when we used to listen to music in CD players. While everything around us is getting digital, we want our music to be digital too. Keeping a pile of CDs is too old fashioned, and all of us prefer having our favorite music on our PCs. This is where Audio CD rippers come to use. An Audio Ripper is a software which lets you copy the audio content from a CD to your PC where media is not at all damaged after extraction. Audio file ripping is a process where the audio file is copied and reformatted and compressed in a format compatible with the media player on your PC.

There are many different software available over the web which let you copy the audio files from CD to your PC and VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber for Windows PC is one of them. VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber lets you rip audio files from a CD or DVD and save them to your Windows PC in any file format of your choice.


VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber

This freeware and comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is a tool designed for users to convert the contents of their CDs to one of the audio file formats supported. The main overview has a ribbon with all menu options and a pane displaying the entire content of your audio CD with details like the duration, size, and state of the audio files.

The supported formats are displayed in the main menu ribbon on the top. Select the files you want to convert, select the quality from the drop-down menu, click on the desired format and click on the Grab button. Furthermore, the program also includes some playback controls which lets you play, pause and stop the audio file before you decide to rip it.

Features of VSDC Audio CD Grabber

  1. Supports major audio formats– The program copies/extracts the audio files from a compact disk and save it in your PC in a compressed format like WMA, MP3, M4A, AMR, OGG, AU, AIFF, WAV, and more. It supports CDs, DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs.
  2. Preset settings- The program comes with the preset adjustments which include the output directory, quality of the audio file and the required output. Edit them on your own preferences and hit Grab.
  3. Speed and Quality- The program works on high-quality audio ripping algorithms, and thus you get a good quality ripped audio file on your PC. However, your preset options may affect the quality of output. The VSDC Audio CD Grabber uses multiple processors and supports the technologies like Core Duo, Dual Core, and Hyper-Threading, and thus it can copy and convert the audio file in real time and that too without compromising with quality.

Overall, VSDC Audio CD Grabber is a simple program which lets you copy and rip the audio content from an audio CD to your PC. It responds fast without compromising the quality. You can copy and convert the audio files in required format with just a few clicks.

Download it here and get all your audio files from CD to your PC. It does not bring any crapware along with it.

Now take a loot at VSDC Free Audio Converter too.

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