Use Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool to analyze your PC Drives

Defragmentation puts the existing data in an orderly arranged fashion to occupy some contiguous storage location. It also potentially reduces the time it takes to read files from and write files to a drive. There are lots of Disk Defrag tools available in the market. One such great tool is Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool that can be used to analyze disk drives and increase the accessibility speed.

Vopt was earlier a paid software but now its owner company Golden Bow Systems has decided to make it free for usage. While the inbuilt Disk Defragmenter in Windows does a good job, if you are looking for more, check out this free defragmentation software. Vopt includes batch and scheduled defragmentation options, builds a new copy of your data before it unlinks and includes tools for checking your system.

Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool

Vopt Disk Defrag tool comes packed with several features other than just the ability to effectively defrag your computer’s hard drive. It also provides tools to actively maintain your system, recover wasted disk space, and protect your privacy.


You can select the drive which you want to defrag and get going with it. It deeply scans your selected drive and reduces the number of small gaps left after defragmenting. Thus, it usually takes a long time to complete. If time is your constraint, you can use Quick defrag (VSS compatible) option which does not defrag the files larger than 64 MB, keeping the file packing level at the minimum.

Use Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool to analyze your PC Drives

Additionally, you can use Batch Defrag option to selectively perform defragmentation for multiple drives at once. You can also choose the files that you want to exclude from being defragmented. You can also set Vopt’s relative priority level for faster defragmentation speed.

Check Drive Health

Using a feature called Drive Failure Prediction, you can check for S.M.A.R.T capable drive’s hardware status and potential failure in the pipeline to safeguard your data. Moreover, you can check for drive performance and hard disk errors for a pragmatic evaluation of actual drive data transfer rate. Even so, you can use Malicious software removal utility to get rid of the software tools creating a problem with your drive access speed.

Use Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool to analyze your PC Drives

Additional Features

Apart from the mainstream features, Vopt comes stuffed with other useful value-added utilities as well. You can use Log Viewer to check for logs created every time you perform defragmentation. Also, you can enhance your privacy by overwriting the drive’s free space to erase any leftover data. Using inbuilt network and system tools, you can view your system information and configure IP settings.

Use Vopt Disk Defrag and Disk Checker Tool to analyze your PC Drives


Vopt Disk Defrag tool is a feature-flooded utility that you can use to stay on the top of your system performance. With its speedy process, the tool makes it easy to schedule auto-defrag and cleanup of your computer’s drives. You can use the integral help menu to check for tips and tricks regarding how to effectively use Vopt Disk Defrag tool. There is a limitation as well, like NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives cannot be defragmented. But in general, the tool is a great choice for defragmentation task, and you should totally give it a try.

You can download the tool from its official website and check it for yourself.

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